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Use AUX Cables For All Media Connections

Auxiliary cables (also known as aux cables) are multipurpose devices that allow you to connect your phone or other devices to your car audio, headphones, or speakers without losing signal or requiring Bluetooth. However, there are a plethora of aux cables available with a range of connectors to meet various demands, and not all of these cords are created equal – even if the prices are comparable. As a result, when selecting the best aux cables, you must evaluate the cord's materials and construction. The sound and durability of the cable are affected by both of these factors.

AUX Cables for Cars/ Speakers and their Features

Auxiliary connections connect a range of devices to a single quasi-universal jack.

You've probably seen an aux input in-car audio from the 2000s. These inputs enable us to play music from smartphones, MP3 players, computers, and a variety of other devices directly through the car's audio system.

Auxiliary inputs typically have impedances of more than 10 k and should expect a nominal voltage level of -10 dBV (0.300 VRMS). Again, the voltage level is significantly reliant on the audio device's volume control.

AUX cable for speaker inputs is always 3.5mm TRS stereo unbalanced. Automobile stereo systems, stereo receivers, audio amplifiers, active loudspeakers, and even clock radios include auxiliary inputs.

While separate auxiliary outputs are typically found on mixing consoles, the aux input connection can accept a wide range of audio sources. Although headphone and line outputs are not considered "aux outputs," they are compatible with auxiliary inputs.

The impedance of auxiliary outputs is typically 75 to 150 ohms, with a standard voltage level of -10 dBV (0.300 VRMS). The voltage level, on the other hand, is strongly dependent on the device's volume control.

Aux outputs are comparable to line outputs and are frequently used to transmit a separate recording equipment an additional output from a stereo amplifier or mixing console.

Wiring Standards of AUX Inputs and Working Process

The aux input is a 3.5mm TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) plug that accepts unbalanced stereo audio from TRS and TRRS cables. This is how it's wired:

  • The Tip is with the left channel audio

  • The ring is with the right channel audio

  • The sleeve is with common ground

As a result, the aux input may easily accept stereo signals from other devices. The TRRS signals from headset-type headphones can connect to the TRS aux input successfully. The left and right audio channels will be efficiently connected via the tip and first ring of the TRRS (to the tip and ring of the TRS). The microphone will be sent to the ground (on the second ring or sleeve, depending on the wiring standard) (the sleeve of the TRS). As a result, aux input and cellphones, computers, and tablets are fully compatible.

Buy AUX Cables Online at Moglix

Whether you want to play the stereo in your car when you go for a jolly good ride or want to connect your smartphone to the speaker and enjoy the party with thumping beats, AUX cables will be your basic need. Browse through the wide range of products offered at Moglix and opt for the best one that can meet your needs. Top brands like Portronics, Honeywell, boAt, Infinizy, Adnet, and Ultraprolink offer the best AUX cables for cars and speakers. Shop at your comfort and enjoy the audio quality experience quality at all times.

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boAt Aux Cables₹235₹235
Connector Type - 3.5 Mm To 3.5 Mm Aux Cables₹54₹1095
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