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Buy Computer Mouse online from Moglix for Special Discounts

A keyboard mouse is one of the most essential parts of computer hardware, especially for computers. However, a lot of people prefer wireless mice even while they use laptops as it is easier and more comfortable than touchpads. Moglix offers a wide selection of brands that offer computer mice at a very reasonable rate.

Different type of Computer Mouses

Wired mouse: This is the most basic type of computer mouse that is connected to the computer with a USB wire. As it is connected via a wire, it does not run out of battery.

Wireless mouse- As the name suggests, the mouse does not require a wire, but batteries. It is connected to the PC through a USB that emits radiofrequency.

Ball mouse- This mouse has a rubber ball beneath it to sense the direction in which it is moved. A Ball mouse is the oldest type of mouse and is rarely used now.

Optical mouse- The difference between the previous one is that this has an ED to detect the movement instead of the ball.

Wheel mouse- Wheel mouse can come in the above four forms. The difference is that there is a wheel between the left and the right button to scroll up and down a page.

Laser mouse- Instead of using a LED to detect movement, it uses a laser beam. However, it is not as accurate as an optical mouse.

Blue Track mouse- Invented by Microsoft, it uses a unique technological combination of an image sensor and pixel geometry to detect accurate movement.

Touchpad mouse- Touchpad mouse or glide pad is usually found on laptops. It is installed into the laptop and requires you to use your finger.

Apart from these basic types, there are specialty types like Trackball mouse, Gaming mouse, Vertical mouse, Stylus mouse, Track-point mouse, and Foot mouse.

Things to consider before buying mouses

Type and use- The specialty type of mouses are designed for particular purposes. Buy a mouse considering your use.

Cable or wireless- For laptops, a wireless mouse is best suited. Whereas both USB wired mouses as well as wireless ones can be used for PCs. They are more comfortable and are portable as well.

Ergonomic Mice- These are comparatively more expensive but it is equipped with various designs like fingertip grip, palm grip, and claw grip to suit your comfort.

DPI- For more accurate movements and better control, a mouse should have at least 1200 DPI (dot per inch) or more.

Moglix, the best online platform to buy keyboard mouse

As a leading online marketplace, Moglix promises to deliver high-quality mouses at an attractive price with a special discount. Moglix offers wired and wireless mouses from popular brands like Prodot, Quantum, HP, Logitech, Portronics, Intex, BENQ, Zebronics, Fingers, Dell, and much more. Buy a computer mouse from Moglix and get valuable discounts…!!!

Mouse - Price Range

MouseMin PriceMax Price
Zebronics Mouse₹118₹1225
Logitech Mouse₹299₹2699
Dell Mouse₹295₹7658
Portronics Mouse₹118₹1804
Connectivity - Wireless Mouse₹199₹5753
Interface - Usb Mouse₹79₹5753
Interface - Usb 2.0 Mouse₹108₹1804
Interface - Usb 3.0 Mouse₹438₹6199
Movement Detection Technology - Optical Mouse₹79₹5753
This data was last updated on 2/7/23.