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Get a Firm Grip with Elegant Designs in Glass Fittings

Style is of paramount importance in modern architecture, and everything is made of glass. Let it be hotels, malls, or airports we can see glass walls everywhere. You can find glass in kitchen cabinets, showcases, and shower doors, even in ordinary houses now.

Along with elegance, glass structures must stay firm. Glass fitting is a way to ensure that strength is also achieved along with elegance. These come with graceful styles and diverse patterns. We can use connectors, hinges, spider fitting, etc., in glass fittings according to our needs. They play a crucial role in making stylish and transparent accessories a reality. They provide a real-world experience of great heights, depth water, and so on. If you're standing at the top of the building and looking down through the glass, then you'll feel enthusiastic at that time.

What Makes Glass Fittings the Best?

They are used extensively in the whole world. Let's understand what makes fittings best among the other options:

Durability: Glass is brittle. Glass structures cannot sustain on their own for too long. Using glass fittings improves the life span of glass structures, and they last far longer than they would on their own. However, you must also check your pocket. Check whether the glass is affordable to you or not.

Corrosion-resistant: Glass accessories are popular as they do not undergo rusting and corrosion. These are made from stainless steel, so they're completely free from corrosion and cracking, unlike wood and aluminum.

Strength enhancement: Glass fittings enhance the strength and sturdiness of the glass structure. Due to glass fittings, glass structures can withstand force and pressure. So, you don't have to worry about your shower door breaking in case you lean against it.

Looks and style: These come in countless varieties. You can get them molded to blend with the style of your doors and windows. They have got a smooth finish and complement the style of your glass structures. The structure and style of fittings must fulfill your needs and requirements.

Weather resistance: Glass structures reinforced with glass fittings can hold out against weather conditions like rain, wind, and moisture without losing their stylish appearance or integrity.

Transparency: This provides a great aesthetic element to your accessories. They can mold glass into complex structures that refract light beautifully into your house.

What factors to consider while selecting glass fittings?

As the variety in glass fittings is great, one might easily get confused about what to buy. Consider the following points while selecting fittings that suit your needs the best.

Your need: The first thing to consider while choosing a fitting is identifying your needs. If you need to fit glass into a frame, you should go for a glass bracket. In case you need to join two glasses for added strength, go for glass connectors. Apart from this, also consider the location where you have fit the glass, and then choose accordingly.

Thickness: These come in various thicknesses. If you need them for showcase or similar aesthetic glass structures, it's advisable to pick the ones with less thickness as they preserve the beauty of the structure. In the case of shower doors, thicker glass fittings are advisable for strength and durability.

Shape: Glass fittings come in L, T, straight lines, etc. shapes. Which one to buy depends on the purpose the glass fitting is being bought for. Along with this, you must have to check whether the shape of the glass is suitable for you or not. Check whether it is fulfilling your fems properly or not.

Material: Most glass fittings come in stainless steel; however, Nickel is also a popular alternative. You should choose carefully after evaluating the pros and cons of both. You must also check the glass fittings hardware before purchasing.

Popular Glass Fitting brands you can trust

Godrej: Godrej is a leading company in manufacturing hardware, toiletries, etc. Their motto is "Brighter Living". They manufacture glass fittings of high strength using high-quality material. Their fittings are easy to install and come with features such as spring-loaded push pins and high corrosion resistance. The glass fittings manufactured by this brand are capable of reflecting UV rays and harmful rays. So, along with a good look, the glass fitting of this brand is also secured and protected for you.

Zaha: Zaha is an emerging brand in hardware. Zaha glass fitting provides quality along with being affordable. They provide a wide range of products such as satin nickel fix clip, wall corner connector, door handle with lock, etc. Zaha also manufactures fittings for balconies.

Atlantic: Atlantic hardware solutions have sleek and modern designs along with a wide array of options to explore. Their collection includes window butts, T-shaped glass hinges, etc. Their fittings and other products usually require zero maintenance.

Ozone: Ozone is among the most famous glass fittings brands. Ozone hardware has established itself as a leading brand. Their glass fittings are quite innovatively designed with architectural intelligence. Their s-series glass fittings, sliding system, door rail, and wedge all come in modern designs.

Dorset: Dorset is one of the most popular brands for fittings. Dorset manufactures both glass fittings and accessories. All the materials used while manufacturing is of premium quality. The glasses of this brand are very durable and compatible. They are very strong and do not break easily.

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Godrej Glass Fittings & Accessories₹393₹18998
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