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Buy the Best Magnetic Door Stopper Online at Moglix

A door bumper or what it is widely known as, a door stopper, might not be on top of the priority list of many homeowners, like doorknobs and handles; however a great door stopper, with an alluring design and looks will surely help to tie up your interior together, and not just this, they also save you from the hassles of repeatedly holding your door from getting closed. In a nutshell, a home cannot do away with this indispensable piece of door hardware. Therefore, to help you, we have stocked an entire gamut of hydraulic door stoppers for your home.

What is the Importance of Door Stopper

If your door does not have a good stopper, your door will end up banging the wall a lot if times resulting in damage. Hydraulic door stoppers help to keep your door right where you want it. Magnetic door stoppers prevent those unwanted bangs that your door goes through when you leave it unattended. A high-quality door stopper should be able to withstand the weight of your door and not lose its grip over time.

Buy the Best Brands of Door Stoppers Online at Moglix?

Nixnine is a well-known brand and they manufacture the different types of door stoppers like magnetic door stopper, hydraulic door stopper, floor mounted door stopper, glass door stopper and many more types.

Zaha is a leading brand in the door hardware industry. You can buy the best Zaha magnetic door stopper online at Moglix at the best price.

Why Buy Door Stopper Online at Moglix?

Buy the best quality door stoppers only on Moglix and doesn’t just add ease of functionality to your doors but also some style. Being a leading industrial store, we comprehend the importance of class-leading products; therefore, owing to this we have sourced all our door stoppers from the best and most renowned brands. On Moglix you can find door stoppers in various colors and build materials from a wide range of brands. You also get different payment modes like net banking, credit/debit card, COD and many more that make the shopping experience smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Door Stoppers

Where is a doorstop most effective?

Install your doorstop vertically under the door handle to reduce the force on the door's hinges when it's opened and closed, as well as any flexing.\

How does a door stopper work?

The bar is slid down such that the rubber end hits the floor when the door is to be kept open. In this setup, moving the door closer to closing increases the tension on the rubber end, increasing the frictional resistance that opposes the motion.

Do door stoppers go on walls or doors?

Doorstops should be fixed on the wall, baseboard, floor, or directly onto the door, depending on the kind. Some are self-installing and can be positioned in front or behind the door.

Door Stoppers - Price Range

Door StoppersMin PriceMax Price
Nixnine Door Stoppers₹83₹857
Smart Shophar Door Stoppers₹71₹1724
Doyours Door Stoppers₹249₹1013
IPSA Door Stoppers₹277₹2554
This data was last updated on 9/28/22.