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Door Stoppers

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Buy the Best Magnetic Door Stopper Online at Moglix


Door stoppers are crucial hardware that can prevent gates or doors from damaging walls. These can aid in preventing the need for wall repairs or replastering and help keep paint or wallpaper looking good for a longer period. Door stoppers, like most hardware, are generally seen as more functional than decorative, so it's best to pick one that serves both those purposes while also not standing out excessively. A bumper's main purpose is to protect the wall next to your gate from harm. Blockers may add a sophisticated touch to any space while keeping your gates open. Installing security stoppers that keep assailants away and out of exterior gates will increase the security of your house.


A door bumper or what it is widely known as, a door stopper, might not be on top of the priority list of many homeowners, like doorknobs and handles; however a great door stopper, with an alluring design and looks will surely help to tie up your interior together, and not just this, they also save you from the hassles of repeatedly holding your door from getting closed. In a nutshell, a home cannot do away with this indispensable piece of door hardware. Therefore, to help you, we have stocked an entire gamut of hydraulic door stoppers for your home.


Durable Door Stopper Types to Buy From


Baseboard Door Stopper: These bumpers are typically affixed to the baseboard of the gate and feature a rubber tip. This is frequently connected to the back of a gate to shield the wall. Typically, they are spring-loaded to make them flexible. However, there are stiff ones on the market as well. Baseboard bumpers can be utilized to muffle gate-hitting noise.


Floor Door Stoppers: These are put on the floor to prevent the gates from opening too far and harming the wall. The wall may sustain damage from the gate as well as the gate's edge. Using a floor bumper will allow you to easily avoid that. The floor bumpers are placed on the floor directly beneath the entryway and are formed of tiny metal arches. These floor-mounted gate blockers are frequently used in business environments.


Magnetic Door Stopper: One of the most flexible and diverse types of gate stoppers is the magnetic stopper. To prevent wall damage, this stopper is fixed on the border of the floor or wall. The gate is kept open and keeps from colliding with the nearby wall thanks to the strong magnetic force. They can also be mounted to the baseboard in very few circumstances. The gate will remain open thanks to the magnetic force of these door stops until you firmly close it. These doorstops work wonders in preventing drywall damage.


Features to Consider Before Purchasing Sturdy Door Stoppers


Style: Despite the fact that most doorstoppers don't have many decorative designs, they are nonetheless offered in a variety of materials and finishes. There are several variations available, so you can decide if you want a discrete addition that blends in with the existing door hardware, such as the knobs and hinges, or if you prefer something that jumps out as a small accent.


Installation: The majority of door stops are relatively easily installed by screwing them to the door, wall, or floor that they are meant to adhere to. As doors can occasionally be opened quite forcefully, you'll want to be sure that your hardware is securely fastened. Therefore, some walls may need a drywall anchor for installation, and solid wood doors or moldings would need guide holes drilled for each screw.


Materials: These goods come in a variety of materials and finishes. The material should be chosen, taking into account both the durability needed for the application and the material of the wall or floor. For aesthetics and style, there are several different finishes available.


Reputed Brands that Sell Elegant Door Stoppers


Nixnine Door Stoppers - Every home needs Nixine door stoppers. Their sturdy design and high-quality components make them tough and long-lasting. They also come with a concealed screw design that is both strong and attractive, making them stable and crash-resistant. Those seeking door stoppers that are firmer and more stable may consider Nixine's high-end door stoppers.


Smart Shophar Door Stoppers - Smart Shophar is one of the leading producers of door stoppers in India. This brand's door stoppers live up to expectations and have a variety of benefits. They have a strong bearing architecture that can sustain a lot of weight and come in a range of sizes. Because they are made of sturdy material, they offer excellent corrosion resistance.


Atom Door Stoppers - With just a few basic tools, Atom door stoppers are simple to install and provide excellent stability and load-bearing capability. These door stoppers are the ideal option if you want to add a touch of class to your house or business or if you need dependable door stoppers that can withstand frequent use. These door stoppers, which are made of sturdy metal, can withstand even the heaviest doors without moving.


DoYours Door Stoppers - Doyours door stop is made of robust and high-quality material and is ideal for use in homes, offices, and other public spaces. Their door stoppers are simple to use because of their automatic feature and are safe for all floors thanks to the quality certified material. Additionally, some of their products also have rubber grips that offer a solid hold on the door and floor, making them the perfect choice for users with all kinds of hardwood and laminate floors.


IPSA Door Stoppers - PSA Door Stoppers are made of durable material and can grip even the heaviest of doors with ease. They are also versatile to work on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, carpet, stone, tile, linoleum, and hardwood. So if you're looking to keep your home or office safe from door-related mishaps, the IPSA Door Stoppers are the perfect solution.


We also offer door stoppers from other renowned brands such as Zaha, Plaza, Aquieen, Godrej, and more.


Moglix Offers Economical Door Stoppers


A top-notch selection of home renovation, electrical, and hardware products can be found at Moglix. We also feature all of the required gate hardware. At Moglix, we strive to offer our customers the best products and services. We have a wide variety of rubber and magnetic door stoppers available from reputable and well-known companies. We offer fantastic discounts to guarantee that you can get high-quality door-stopper types at reasonable prices. Our user-friendly software allows you to quickly and conveniently browse our products. Before making a purchase, customers may use our simple-to-use website to evaluate the features and costs of several brands. At Moglix, we work hard to offer you dependable door stoppers at wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Door Stoppers

Where is a doorstop most effective?

Install your doorstop vertically under the door handle to reduce the force on the door's hinges when it's opened and closed, as well as any flexing.\

How does a door stopper work?

The bar is slid down such that the rubber end hits the floor when the door is to be kept open. In this setup, moving the door closer to closing increases the tension on the rubber end, increasing the frictional resistance that opposes the motion.

Do door stoppers go on walls or doors?

Doorstops should be fixed on the wall, baseboard, floor, or directly onto the door, depending on the kind. Some are self-installing and can be positioned in front or behind the door.

Door Stoppers - Price Range

Door StoppersMin PriceMax Price
Nixnine Door Stoppers₹83₹857
Smart Shophar Door Stoppers₹71₹1724
Doyours Door Stoppers₹249₹1013
IPSA Door Stoppers₹277₹2554
This data was last updated on 2/1/23.