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Door Handles

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Purchase the Most Efficient Door Handles at Economical Costs


The most common technique to open or close a room door is a door handle. They should be situated at the proper height, be simple to grip, spin, and pull, and most significantly, stylish, like chrome door handles. Many come with extra features to secure a space, such as an office, or to provide seclusion so that baths or long showers can be enjoyed in peace. Internal door handles are available in a variety of finishes, colours, materials, and styles that can be combined to create the desired look, whether it be ornate to go with vintage schemes or more understated to go with mid-century modern furnishings. Some are specifically created for workplaces or commercial structures, enhancing accessibility for both visitors and employees. The range offers several quick and efficient fitting choices that may be quickly installed or replaced. Shop for good quality, reliable LED panel lights at Moglix from various trust-worthy brands such as Aquieen, AKS, Atom, Smart, Shophar, and so many more.


How to Choose Right Types of Door Handles


Front Door Handles: From contemporary to traditionally designed ones, you can go for an extensive range of handles. If your home is designed in a traditional Indian manner, opt for the door handles that bear the shape of various traditional symbols. These main door handles are made of brass and are amazing. Go for large doorknobs if you are searching handles for the front door.


Interior Door Handles: Use an intricately crafted door handle that complements your home decor. You can opt for handles as per the theme of your home or office. Some door handles also have a lock system. It is a great option for the safety of your important stuff.


Types of Economical Latest Door Handle Designs to Choose From


Oval Door Handles: More tubular door knobs with curved edge backplates and no discernible edge will be used. Oval, frequently smooth and polished door handles are standard.


Round Door Handles: While door knobs have a precisely round shape, this sort of door handle will typically be smooth and circular. They are going to be put in front of a circular backplate.


Angular Door Handles: Backplates for door handles can be square or rectangular, and the handle itself has a rectangular shape with straight edges.


Classic Door Handles: An ornate curved handle may be paired with a sizable rectangular backplate in a classic Victorian design. Usually, brass will be used for this.


Contemporary Door Handles: Modern and contemporary handles are frequently svelte, straightforward, and minimalist. They will frequently be made of chrome or a bold colour like bronze or black.


Features to Consider When Buying Durable Door Handle Designs


Location: The location of your handles will greatly influence the type you select. For instance, outside door knobs must be strong to withstand the environment. They must also be safe and compliant with industry standards to stop unauthorised access.


Installation: Specialised handle packs will help you save time when assembling furniture for various doorways. These include practical add-ons that facilitate installation, including latch spacers that facilitate swift and precise fixing placement.


The Budget: One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a front door handle is the budget. The budget helps you understand the amount you have to spend on the handle without compromising on the other aspects of the renovation or construction process.


Feel: There are sliding door handles with distinctive behaviours. It may seem strange to think about how handles feel in your hands when seeking to buy them, but it's crucial. This handle may be used frequently, so you want to make sure it is comfortable to hold. Look for grips that are simple to use, uncomfortable to hold, and not too difficult. You need to think about who will be utilising the gate and determine whether there are any physical considerations.


Guarantee: Handles are employed frequently throughout the course of the day, so choosing one that can withstand frequent use is crucial, particularly in regions with high traffic or in commercial settings. That is why you must choose handles that come with a guarantee.


Backplate size: To ensure that unattractive scuffs are hidden from view when upgrading a handle, it's critical to measure the backplate size of the prior fitting. Choosing a handle in a leased home that can be readily replaced can also help you save money in the long run.


Brands Selling High-Quality Hinges for Your Door Handles


Aquieen Door Handles: One of the best and most well-known door handle design brands in India is Aquieen. Aquieen offers a wide range of hardware products in various sizes. This door handles work with a wide variety of commercially available doors, including flush doors, wooden doors, etc. The Aquieen door handle design gives you access to greater installation mobility and wide opening.


AKS Door Handles: If you want durable door handles, the Zaha brand ought to be your top option. This door handle works with a wide variety of commercially available doors, including flush doors, wooden doors, etc. The brand produces consumer-friendly goods. Additionally, this company's extended warranty allows you to put trust in the brand.


Atom Door Handles: Atom is famous for producing high-quality products and offering rapid customer service. After doing a thorough market analysis, the most reliable and approved vendors are chosen to supply the components required to create their door handle designs. Due to its reliability and vast selection, customers favour Atom main door handles. The company offers up-to-date, easy-to-install designs.


Smart Shophar Door Handles: Smart Shophar is one of India's leading door handles producers. This brand's steel door handle designs live up to expectations and have a variety of benefits. They have a strong bearing architecture that can sustain a lot of weight and come in a range of sizes. Because they are made of highly durable material, they offer excellent corrosion resistance.


We also have a plethora of door handles from other brands such as Era, Jolly, Yale, Ebco, Godrej and others.


Buy Dependable Steel Door Handles at Moglix


If you're seeking a durable, high-performing latest door handle design, your search is over. One of the best e-commerce businesses in the nation, Moglix, sells steel door handle designs from premium manufacturers. Whether it's premium products, special deals, or a seamless online shopping experience, this web gateway offers an all-around pleasing experience. You can quickly and comfortably browse our products using Moglix's user-friendly software. Before making a decision, clients may evaluate the features and costs of various brands thanks to the easy navigation. Additionally, Moglix provides unique discounts on orders for bulk purchases at discounted rates. Here, you may find the most affordable pricing on name-brand door handle designs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Door Handles

What is the best metal for door handles?

Stainless steel and brass are the most prevalent materials used in the production of door handles. These materials are ideally suited for cupboard door handles.

How do you choose the best door handles?

The first thing you should think about is the quality; you want to make sure it's sturdy and long-lasting. Aside from the quality, think about the design that will go with your doors.

How to install door handles?

If done correctly, installing handles to your doors is not difficult. But if you lack the skills or the right tools you may always take professional help.

Door Handles - Price Range

Door HandlesMin PriceMax Price
Smart Shophar Door Handles₹117₹2428
AKS Door Handles₹69₹2071
Visko Door Handles₹529₹700
Atom Door Handles₹509₹4989
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