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Torque Wrenches

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Torque Wrenches - The Ideal Tools for Vehicle Maintenance

A torque wrench is a tool which is widely utilised on a fastener like a nut or bolt. To help users tighten nuts and bolts, Moglix has come up a new range of torque wrenches for sale. The torque wrenches that we offer as a part of this range have high accuracy and tensile spring. They enable steel assembly and have been ergonomically designed for use in wheels and tires while operating on vehicles. They also confirm to existing international standards of engineering in the industry.

To cope up with the growing demands of mechanics, car owners, and retailers, Moglix has procured wrenches from well-known brands such as Mac Master, JCB, Prime Tools, Eastman etc. We are one of the very few online retailers in India who offer ratchet type small torque wrenches and standard type of torque wrenches. We also deal in adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches and open end wrenches as a part of this product category. The torque wrench price has been kept within a wide range to suit the budget of buyers. At Moglix, we have sourced the newest range of torque wrenches from leading brands like Eastman, JCB, GB Tools etc.

Ambitec Torque Wrenches - Sturdy Tools Which Stand the Test of Time

Ambitec torque wrenches are highly valued by workers because of their sturdy construction. They are induction hardened and also hardened & tempered during the production process. Our Ambitec electrical torque wrenches offer quick, accurate and safety fastening of joints. Therefore, they form an integral part of tool kits of technicians.

Eastman Torque Wrenches - The Ideal Tools For Heavy Duty Applications

Eastman torque wrenches are ideal for people who are engaged in heavy duty applications. The adjustable torque wrenches come with selected alloy and are equipped with bright chrome and black phosphate as a part of the production process. The presence of drop forged, hardened jaws make them ideal for long term usage.

Ensure Neat, Tidy Work with Sparkless Torque Wrenches

Sparkless torque wrenches are highly valued for their sturdiness by industry based users. Made from the best quality of beryllium copper alloy, these torque wrenches are compliant with existing ISI standards. They are drop forged as a part of the manufacturing process. The wrenches are easy to operate and ensure neat work to be done on a variety of applications.

High Functionality the Strong Point of Attrico Torque Wrenches

Attrico torque wrenches are equipped with precision machined integral teeth. They offer a firm gripping and are therefore suitable for usage in a wide range of industrial and workshop based applications. Their handles have a high level of hardness and their teeth have wear resistance which makes them suitable for long term use. The jaws have been drop forged from high grade carbon steel.

A High Level of Convenience the USP of Click Type Torque Wrenches from GB Tools

A click type torque wrench is used for measurement and application of adequate amount of angular force to the threaded fastener. They are made from the best quality of alloy steel, are equipped with a high tensile spring and have high accuracy. At Moglix, our collection of GB Tools click type torque wrenches offer a high level of angular force and are therefore highly valued by users. They have a compact weight which makes them easy to handle.

Other Type of Popular Torque Wrenches Available At Moglix

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches - A hydraulic torque wrench is tool which is specifically designed for exerting torque on a fastener to tighten or loosen a connection for use in hydraulics. At Moglix, we present an exclusive range of torque wrenches which satisfy the needs of users who handle different types of hydraulic equipment. They are ideal for usage in high pressure hydraulic pumps, testing & control systems.

Pneumatic Torque Wrenches - A pneumatic torque wrench is a gearbox which is paired off to a pneumatic air motor. The gearbox’s end is a reaction device which is utilised for absorb torque and enable the user to handle it effortlessly. These torque tools are widely used in power generation, mining, petrochemicals, steel, pipelines, railroads and manufacturing domains.

Digital Torque Wrenches - A digital torque wrench is a highly valuable tool for usage in applications that require usage over a long span of time. The products that Moglix offers as a part of this range operate using AAA batteries and can be used up to 40 hours continuously. The thin-profile, high strength teardrop head of these wrenches ensures easy access to users to areas which are hard to reach.

The Electrical torque wrench sets which are available here offer a high level of accuracy in clockwise direction as well as counterclockwise direction. Their knurled grip ensures that that there is no slipping.

A torque wrench tester is a type of device which is widely used for checking the accuracy of different types of screwdrivers & torque wrenches. Aware of the significance of these tools to users, Moglix has sourced the latest range of torque wrench testers from eminent brands such as Ambitec, Meco, Attrico etc.

Adjustable Torque Wrenches - An adjustable torque wrench is highly effective for usage in applications which require a value more than one torque. The models which are available at Moglix are easy to handle and are equipped with a rugged knurled metal handle for industrial usage. These devices have a unique breaking action once the set torque has been reached.

Angular Torque Wrenches - An angular torque wrench is used to measure angular force and angle rotation electronically. It removes the necessity for usage of an angle gauge or protractor along with a torque wrench. It is a highly accurate and workers faster than other devices which are available in the market. At Moglix, we have come up with the newest models of angular torque wrenches which are induction hardened and hardened & tempered during the production process.

Torque Multiplier Wrenches - A torque multiplier wrench is widely used to offer a mechanical upper hand in applying angular force for turning bolts, nuts or other items where there is a need for high usage of torque application. To meet up with the needs of mechanical engineers, Moglix presents an exclusive range of torque multiplier wrenches meant for industrial usage.

Why Buy Torque Wrenches from Moglix?

At Moglix, we deal in a wide range of torque ranges sourced from some of the leading brands in the market like Ambitec, Attrico, Eastman, GB Tools, Sparkless, JCB etc. The specifications of these torque wrenches are updated on a regular basis. Therefore, buyers can easily select a model which satisfies their individual personal needs perfectly. Come; experience a smooth, memorable buying experience at Moglix.

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