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Wire Strippers

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Remove Insulation from Electric Wires with Wire Strippers

Wire strippers remove insulation from electric wires to make contact. These are available in two types, manual and automatic. A manual wire stripper has opposing blades like a pair of scissors and has a notch in the middle of the blade. Then this blade is rotated around the wire, outer insulation comes off while leaving actual wire intact.

Some wire strippers allow you to strip wires at various AWGs without twisting. Although an automatic stripper reduces the effort, it can also break thinner wires. While choosing a stripper, make sure that it has a comfortable grip, cleanly removes insulation, and keeps the actual wire intact.

Types of Wire Stripping Tools

Gauge Stripper: This is a very popular type of wire strippers. Their blades have holes matching wires of different gauges. These strippers do not need adjustment and make the job simpler and quicker. It also works as a cutter or crimper.

Self-Adjusting Stripper: According to its name, this stripper automatically adjusts to different types of wires. Choose a self-adjusting stripper that has a built-in crimper or cutter for more convenience while working with it.

Gauged Automatic Wire Stripper: This stripper has self-adjusting and gauge stripper both. You should choose the appropriate gauge for the wire that returns to its open position after cutting.

Wire Stripper and Cutter: These are the combination tools that have a few advantages according to the job. These tools can easily slip into a small tool pouch and allow you to do the job quicker.

Best Brands of Wire Strippers Online at Moglix

Stanley: Stanley is a well-known reputed brand that offers different hand and power tools. Get the best range of wire stripping pliers and wire cutting pliers from this brand.

Taparia: Taparia is very popular in the industry when it comes to buying the most affordable and reliable tools. This brand has the best cable stripping tools at a very reasonable price.

Venus: Planning to buy wire strippers or complete sets that include fiber cutters, cable strippers, and Kevlar scissors? All you can get from Venus at an affordable price.

Generic: Generic offers a wide range of tools that make the job easier. Its wire stripping tools work for professionals and last longer.

Why Buy Wire Strippers from Moglix

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Visko Wire Strippers₹86₹212
Ego Wire Strippers₹89₹807
Pye Wire Strippers₹56₹4154
Proskit Wire Strippers₹377₹6484
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