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Wire Strippers

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Buy the Best Wire Strippers Online with Best in Quality Performance

A wire stripper or a wire cutter is a hand tool used for removing the upper layer of an electric wire. This hand tool is mostly used by electricians. Moreover, it assists in stripping the end portions of an electric wire in order to let it connect or join with another wire or a terminal. A wire stripper is an important hand tool in the industry of hand tools as it is used in almost all types of technical works. These wire stripper tools are easily available online and offline at the same time. They have different types of handle designs that provide a perfect grip to the operator. In addition, at Moglix, we sell high-end, economical, as well as easy to use wire strippers from popular and best-selling brands like Real Stf, Irwin, etc.


Various Types of Wire Strippers are Available Online to Buy

Manual Wire Stripper: A manual cable stripper is operated manually by just rotating it while putting pressure around the insulation which as a result, adjusts or cuts the wire so that it can be used according to the application. You can get this manual wire stripper easily at Moglix, along with great offers and prices at the same time.


Automatic Wire Stripper: An automatic cable stripper is much easier to use as it requires less effort as compared to the manual one. In this type of cable stripper, one side is held tight as well as the other side gets removed. Moreover, even a novice can cut or strip an electric wire easily with an automatic wire stripper tool.


Gauged Wire Stripper: Gauged wire stripper is the most basic one in the hand tools category. This wire stripper is used in a lot of applications. Moreover, in this cable stripper, every single notch corresponds to a different wire’s gauge. In addition, you can avail of these types of hand tools including the gauged wire stripper easily online at Moglix.


Essential Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Cable Stripper Online

Warranty: Whenever you buy a product online or offline, warranty is a major point that should be considered always. All the good brands offer warranties with their products so that the customer can trust the brand as well as can claim the warranty in case of any defect or malfunction in the product.


Brand: Brand is an essential factor one should consider while purchasing a product online or offline. There are various reasons to choose a good brand such as a good brand provides trust, reliability, warranty, as well as customer satisfaction at the same time. Moreover, you can get all such brands at Moglix at the best prices.


Material: The material that is used to manufacture a product matters a lot as it decides the durability, reliability, as well as quality of the product. Therefore, one should always choose products made with good-quality materials so that one can use the product without any worries. Moglix offers various good brands online that make their products with the finest material.


Weight: Weight matters a lot as well when we talk about a product that is to be used in an industry that is professional. Moreover, these wire strippers are available at Moglix and are made with the perfect weight so that the hand tools are made with proper durability.


Top-Selling Brands Available Online to Buy Wire Stripper Tools

Taparia Wire Strippers and Cutters: Taparia brand is a well-known brand when it comes to the industry of hand tools. Moglix offers various hand tools made by Taparia, with high-quality materials and this makes their products a good choice. Moreover, Taparia makes sure that its customers are always satisfied with the quality as well as the performance of the product.


Visko Wire StrippersVisko is a brand that is doing good in the field of hand tools as it has a huge product range in the industry. Moreover, this brand offers multiple types of hand tools such as cable strippers, wire stripper tools, etc. In addition, there is a huge collection of products offered by Visko online at Moglix, with the best prices and great offers and options.


Ego Cable Strippers: Ego is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to the hand tools industry. Moreover, they offer various tools such as cable strippers, wire cutters, etc. All these products are made with the best quality material which makes these products long-lasting, durable, as well as reliable at the same time. In addition, you can get these products online at Moglix with great offers and the best prices.


Proskit Wire Strippers: The wire strippers and cutters from the house of Proskit are made with high quality, reliability, as well as durability at the same time. Moreover, Moglix offers around 500* products from Proskit that you can buy at the best prices online for different types of applications and uses. In addition, you can also use these hand tools easily at your home for basic tasks.


We offer a huge number of other renowned brands as well in the category of cable strippers, such as Falcon, Ketsy, Power Connect, and so many other brands as well.


Get Wire Strippers and Cutters at the Best Prices Online at Moglix

If you want to buy a perfect hand tool online from a trusted website, then you are at the right place as Moglix is one of the best and top e-commerce websites in India. Moreover, Moglix provides great discounts on bulk orders. You can get access to all the best-selling brands and products online at Moglix and you also get a huge product range from the top brands at the same time. In addition, this website offers an all-around pleasing experience with premium products, special deals, and a seamless online shopping experience.

Wire Strippers - Price Range

Wire StrippersMin PriceMax Price
Visko Wire Strippers₹118₹246
Ego Wire Strippers₹89₹807
Pye Wire Strippers₹56₹4154
Proskit Wire Strippers₹331₹5797
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