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Hand Shearing Machine

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An Essential for Metal Work - Hand Shearing Machines

Hand shearing machines are an integral part of any kind of workshop operation. This includes the cutting, designing, and all kinds of manipulating involved with thin strips of metal called sheet metal. Sheet metal operators use shear cutter machines on a regular basis for a type of metalwork process known as shearing.

Shearing operations are also more commonly known as die-cutting. This is the process by which very thin planks or sheets of metal are cut accurately and precisely without any kind of burning, melting or soldering. It is a purely physical process that takes advantage of the stress and strain limit of a given metal in order to cut and shape it into the required dimensions for the given application.

Sheet metal cutters have curved blades that are used for cutting operations. These operations include blanking, piercing, rolls telling, and trimming. It can be used for materials other than just metal sheets such as plates and rods; and even for completely different nature of materials such as fabrics, papers, and plastics.

The Function of Metal Shear Machines

Metal shear machines are commonly made of low alloy steel for the manipulation of thin sheets of metal. However, high carbon and high chromium steel alloys can be used for thicker metals. Even materials of better physical attributes (such as shock-resistant alloys of steel) can be used to cut industrial-grade metals of large thickness.

Sheet metal cutters can be of small dimensions or large dimensions, depending on the scale of the operation. Shear cutter machines used for smaller and simpler sheet metal operations are called hand lever shearing machines. These machines have a lever connected to a curved blade which can be used to punch or push a workpiece against a die. The hand lever shearing machine is usually attached to a benchtop or workstation for the duration of the operation.

Use Cases of Shear Cutter Machines

Hand lever shearing machines, also known as bench shear, are a more mobile form of the shear cutter machine. It is mounted on a flat surface (usually a workbench) to provide mechanical advantage and comfort for the operator. It is used to perform simple sheet metal activities on small to medium-sized pieces of sheet metals but is not optimal for delicate or precise work.

On the other hand, a guillotine or power shear is used for more heavy applications. These types of metal shear machines are connected to a power source that can be operated by the foot of the operator. They are used for larger sheets of metal. The shear blade is set at an angle called the shear angle, and the cutting process is started when power is applied to the machine, and the shear is brought down on the workpiece.

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