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Centre Punches

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Centre Punches for Precise Drill Marking

A center punch tool is a sort of punch tool that is used to drill into a workpiece by creating a shallow indentation. A worker can use a centre punch tool to "mark" the area of the workpiece where the drill bit will enter before drilling a hole in it. The punch tool makes a recess in the workpiece that helps guide the drill bit into the targeted location. The drill bit may deviate off as it drills into the workpiece if you don't use a centre punch tool.

Purpose of Centre Punches

A centre punch is a pointed instrument that creates a dent in your material exactly where you want to drill a hole.

A punch mark in the centre accomplishes two things:

  • --> It provides a physical resting spot for a drill bit, ensuring that it stays exactly where you want your hole to be.

  • --> When drilling, the dimple's recess relieves pressure on the bit's flat tip (the "chisel tip" or the "web"). This keeps the material from bending, chipping, or breaking.

Automatic Centre Punch and Its Function

An automatic centre punch is a hand instrument that creates a dimple in a piece of work (for example, a piece of metal). It works in the same way as a traditional centre punch, but without a hammer. When pressed on the workpiece, it stores energy in a spring, eventually releasing it as an impulse that powers the punch and produces the dimple. The impulse delivered to the punch's point is very repeatable, providing for consistent impressions.

Common Elements that are Part of Automatic Centre Punches

Several common elements are present in all of the designs:

  • --> A spring for energy storage

  • --> To provide the impulse, there must be a mass (a hammer)

  • --> A release mechanism that releases the accumulated energy at a constant point along the body's path of movement.

  • --> A way to reset the device after it has been actuated.

Parts of the Centre Punch

There are three main moving sections in the punch's body, which are organized in a line:

  • --> The knockout blow or the punch

  • --> The intermediate rod or tumbler that provides automation

  • --> The hammer mass

Thoughts to Consider Before Using Metal Center Punch

A metal center punch with a mushroomed head should never be used. The risk of injury from flying parts exists. Before utilising, grind the head back to its original shape and temper the punch.

To remove a pin, do not use a punch with a cone-pointed tip. The punch may spread the pin, causing the job to be ruined. To do this, use a pin punch or a taper punch.

Storage: Apply a thin film of rust protective compound to punches and store them in a dry location. To remove the chemical, wash with a dry cleaning solvent after removing it from storage.

Keep any sort of tools out of the reach of children.

Make sure they are kept safely so that they will be in food condition for a long time.

Keep them away from water to prevent rusting.

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