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Nail Pullers for a Well-Rounded Hand Tool-Kit

In the effort to assemble the perfect arsenal of tools for household labor, we often tend to ignore the small additions that make a world of difference; even the most basic processes such as screwing and hammering can amount to substantial grievances when sufficiently overlooked. And on the quest to collect a range of diverse machining devices, we are far more inclined to think about the performance of the tool rather than what it takes to correct the inevitable mistakes that come with it. But now, with the introduction of a range of versatile nail pullers into the market, concerns over several nailing mistakes are a nightmare of the past.

A puller tool is a device used to extract and remove various small machine parts such as bearings, pulleys, or gears from the main body, such as the shaft or plank. They are comprised of specific notched ends that vary in design according to the type, shape, and size of the part to be removed. And in the realm of nailing tasks, a nail puller is the puller of choice. This is a type of puller used for gripping and drawing different nails from the surface in which they are embedded. It is commonly found in the form of an adjustable pincher with a pivot end or in the form of a bar with a groove at the end, which corresponds to the width of the nail-head to be pulled.

Types of Nail Remover Tools

There are two major types of nail remover tools available today based on traditional design: slide handle nail pullers and small nail pullers.

Slide handle nail pullers comprise of gripping jaws and one end and a pivoting foot or base heel at the other. This form of the tool is designed to provide extra leverage during the pulling process.

Small nail pullers are variants of the standard nail pullers which do not have the sliding handle and are meant to be used with a separate claw hammer. It has a striking head at the one end, which needs to be struck to jam the jaws into place before removing the nail.

Advantages of Using a Nail Extractor

Most hammers usually include an open groove on one side of the head to remove nails. However, the shape and size of this groove are rarely specific to a particular type of nail, often making nail pulling an unnecessary hassle. Nail puller tools work around this kind of problem using their specific design that allows for much easier removal under more diverse instances.

Additionally, most nail extractors are built specifically to draw out nails that are otherwise very difficult to remove, such as those that are flush to the wood or sunken under surfaces. This limits the damage caused to the surface due to the alternative brute-force approaches. The jaws of slide handle nail pullers are also complemented with a pivot point which makes them more maneuverable and provides leverage to the grip, making the pulling process nearly effortless.

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