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Cutting Pliers

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Cutting Pliers as Basic Tool Needs

According to its design and construction, the pliers come in different shapes and sizes and are used for various purposes. All pliers don’t function for the same purpose. One must clearly know what each tool of pliers is used for. Some pliers are meant to have a grip on some pipes or rods that have curved surfaces, some pliers are used to twist the wires according to the need, and some pliers come exclusively for cutting. The cutting pliers are pliers that are used to cut wires or the ends of certain things.

The plier’s body designing is just like that of a scissor. They have two levers that get joint at the fulcrum. They do not have blades as levers like scissors. Instead of blades, they have jaws that are useful in gripping an object when the levers are clasped together or help cut and twist wires.

Wire Cutter Pliers for Easily Getting the Work Done

The wire cutting pliers are used to cut wires made out of copper, brass, iron, aluminum, and steel wires. Most of the pliers that are used to cut have insulated handles so that there are no chances of getting the electric shocks while working on wires. This is the safety measure utilized on these pliers.

Diagonal cutting pliers are intersecting jaws that cut the wire at an angle and give a flat tip after the cut. They are also called flash cutters by most electricians. It can cut the wire very close to the base and doesn’t leave a pointing tip like symmetrical cutters.

Electronic Work and Handy Side Cutters

The side cutting pliers are the tools used to cut the sides, as the name says. But they are mainly used to cut the wires and leads or the legs of electronic components. These side cutters can also be used to strip the insulation from the wires and twisting them too. The cutting tool helps give a fine edge after cutting and thus doesn’t leave any poking points.

Daily Uses of Cutting Pliers

These pliers are used in different fields by different workers. Woodworkers, cabinetmakers, shopkeepers, builders, electricians, construction workers, mechanics often use these edge cutters. These pliers pinch together to cut wires, plastic, wood, nails, and anything the person needs to cut within the range of its levers. The end cutters are extremely useful in building the fence and cutting bulkier and heavier strands of wires.

It is always best to know the tools that one uses for specific purposes as each plier functions differently. One cannot cut the hard wires unless the pliers or cutters are particularly manufactured for the same. These pliers are durable if maintained properly. They should not be exposed to extreme heat. Pliers must not be used as hammers to stab nails. Oiling the pliers must be done regularly. The levers or the jaws must always be kept clean and sharp as required for its function.

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