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Combination Pliers

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Combination pliers are multi-purpose pliers, combining gripping jaws with wire cutters. These combination cutting pliers can be used for gripping, compressing, bending, twisting, extracting and cutting various materials. These pliers are used in many different industries, as well as by DIYers. Sometimes combination pliers are referred to as lineman’s pliers.

What are Combination Pliers Used for?

The primary purpose of pliers is usually to provide a tight grip on things that would be difficult to hold with your fingers, allowing you to bend, or twist.

Gripping - The gripping jaws of pliers are designed to give a more forceful grip. The design and size of the jaw determine what they can grip and where they can reach.

Compressing - The gripping jaws of these pliers can be used to compress materials. They can be used to tighten a ferrule or close chain links, such as those used to make jewelry.

Pulling - The firm grip provided by pliers can pull objects, usually to remove them from something. Pliers are often used to extract things like staples or thin nails.

Cutting - The cutters of these pliers also known as side cutters are positioned near the pivot point. These combination cutter pliers are usually designed to cut cables, soft wires, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Combination Pliers

Which material is used for combination pliers?

Steel alloys containing additions such as vanadium or chromium are used to create pliers, which improve strength and resistance to corrosion.

Can you use pliers to crimp wires?

Crimping wires with pliers is not recommended since the crimping process needs a lot of pressure, which a plier cannot provide in order to crimp a bundle of multi-strand wires in one go.

Combination Pliers - Price Range

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Visko Combination Pliers₹210₹281
Taparia Combination Pliers₹233₹2581
Stanley Combination Pliers₹290₹7184
Jhalani Combination Pliers₹180₹2220
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