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Buy Superb Quality Hacksaw Frames Online at Reasonable Prices

A hacksaw is basically referred to as a manual hand-operated tool. It is used in various industrial as well as construction applications at the same time. The hacksaws are primarily used for cutting things like metal pipes, brackets, metal rods, steel pipes, tough plastic, and many other things as well. A hacksaw has a U-shaped frame that is open from one side to fix the blade. Moreover, it also has a handle at one side which helps in holding it with a proper grip. The blade is fixed with the help of screws present on both sides of the frame.


Hacksaw is an essential tool in various industrial applications and it has multiple important parts and accessories which are attached to it when needed. Some of these accessories are tensioner knobs, blade pins, blades, etc. Furthermore, we at Moglix, sell these premium and heavy-duty hacksaws at affordable prices from many top brands, such as Taparia, Pye, ATC, Facom, etc.


Different Types of Hacksaws Available to Buy Online

Adjustable Hacksaw Frames: Hacksaws are basically used to cut different types of materials with different types of blades. Some blades are bigger in size, whereas, some are smaller at the same time. Therefore, to adjust the frame according to the blade, the need for an adjustable hacksaw arises. Furthermore, these types of hacksaws are easily available to buy in the market, both online as well offline. You can use these adjustable hacksaws with different types, lengths, and sizes, of blades as per your need or requirement.


Fixed Hacksaw Frames: A fixed hacksaw is a simple type of hacksaw frame with a blade that is permanently fixed in a predefined size. You can change the blade but with a blade of a similar size only. Therefore, these hacksaw frames are called fixed hacksaws. Moreover, you can buy these fixed hacksaws easily anywhere in the market. It comes with a handle that lets you hold it tightly with an unbreakable grip at the same time.


Important Points to Check Before Buying a Hacksaw Frame Online

Brand: A good brand should always be preferred when buying a hacksaw blade so that it never breaks down at the time of application. Moreover, good brands make these hacksaws with proper research and analysis so that they can perform well under tough and rough usage conditions at the same time. Good brands use quality raw materials to manufacture these hacksaws, and all these factors make these tools reliable as well as durable in nature.


Warranty: Warranty is one of the most common and essential factors that anyone looks for while purchasing a product online or offline at the same time. Moreover, similar happens in the case of a hacksaw. Therefore, you should always check whether the brand is providing any warranty with the hacksaw or not. However, the good brands available on our website always offer decent and generous warranties with their hacksaw frames so that the customers can use them with peace of mind.


Handle Type: The handle type of a hacksaw also matters a lot as it makes sure that the grip of the hacksaw will never be lost by the user. This factor ensures that the user will be safe while using this hacksaw frame and it would avoid any type of injury at the same time. Furthermore, these hacksaw frames are offered with different types of handles in different models, such as some are made of steel, some of wood, some of fiber, etc.


Material: The material used to manufacture a hacksaw frame with a blade also plays an important role in the durability of this tool. When good quality material is used to make these hacksaw frames, these frames are then more durable and reliable to use as compared to other hacksaws made with poor quality material.


Suitable For: Different types of hacksaw frames are suitable for different types of purposes and applications at the same time. Some hacksaws are specially designed for cutting metals, whereas, some are designed for cutting some other type of material. Therefore, you should always check whether the hacksaw is suitable for your need or not.


Some Best-Selling & Popular Brands Selling High-End Hacksaw Frames Online

Pahal Hacksaw Frames: Pahal is a well-known and popular brand famous for manufacturing industrial tools and hardware. This brand provides you with superior-quality products made with high-end raw materials to ensure quality and performance at the same time. Moreover, you can buy various tools from this brand at reasonable prices on offer, including hacksaw frames and much more.


Visko Hacksaw Frames: Visko is a brand that sells you the best-in-class tools for various purposes. They manufacture one of the best-selling hacksaw frames, along with different types, sizes, and variants in it. You can trust this brand as it has a huge customer base in the market and also holds a big portion of sales under this category of hand tools.


Universal Tools Hacksaw Frames: Universal sells one of the most durable as well as reliable hacksaw frames for its customers, along with various other tools under the same category. Moreover, you can trust this brand as it uses the finest quality material to manufacture its products for its customers at the same time.


Breeze Hacksaw Frames: Breeze is a brand that has proven its name in the industry of hand tools by selling the most affordable and useful hand tools to its customers. Moreover, these hand tools comprise numerous essential tools such as hacksaw frames and much more heavy-duty equipment at the same time. Additionally, Breeze has a huge customer base when it comes to the segment of tools and equipment sold all over the country.


Purchase Reliable & Heavy-Duty Hacksaw Frames with Blade Online at Moglix

Browse our website if you want to buy high-end and reliable hacksaw frames online at the best prices. the hacksaw frames are sold by various top-selling brands online at Moglix. Moreover, you can choose from a huge variety of different types of hacksaws offered in different sizes, variants, and different types of handles at the same time. This is not it, Moglix also gives you various other benefits, such as discounts on bulk purchases, warranties from various premium brands, and a lot more. Choosing us for purchasing these top-notch hand tools online would never ever make you feel regret your decision. Additionally, Moglix puts its best possible efforts to provide you with the best deals with minimum expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hacksaw Frames

Is a hacksaw teeth direction for metal and wood different?

Yes, a Metal Cutting Blades contain more teeth per inch and are designed to cut harder, denser materials. They normally range from 10 to 18 TPI, but can go as high as 24 TPI. Because they leave a smooth edge, they are often useful for finishing cuts in wood.

Can you sharpen a hacksaw?

Fortunately, sharpening a handsaw does not require the skills of an professional. A little time, the right tools, and a few easy techniques will restore the cutting edge of the blade. For resetting the teeth, you'll need a saw set and a taper file or two.

Hacksaw Frames - Price Range

Hacksaw FramesMin PriceMax Price
Visko Hacksaw Frames₹64₹273
Universal Tools Hacksaw Frames₹60₹153
Breeze Hacksaw Frames₹137₹434
De Neers Hacksaw Frames₹50₹1284
This data was last updated on 2/2/23.