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Glass Cutters for Easy Cutting

Glass Cutters are devices used for cutting a shallow scrape over one surface of a piece of glass (usually flat) that would shatter into small portions, such as when installing a window. The scoring splits the surface of the glass, prompting it to break along the score. This one is not the same as the glass cutting tools that seemed to create cut glass objects. There are various machines for glass cutting. The best tools to cut glass are Wheel Cutter and Laser Cutter.

Better understanding of Cutting process

A diamond could be used to create the break, but most glass cutting machines employ a tiny surface wheel made of tungsten carbide or hardened steel with a V-shaped profile referred to as a "hone angle". The stronger the direction of the V and the heavier the piece of glass it is required to reduce, the larger the honing angle of the wheel. Whereas most hand-held cutters of glass have such a honing angle of 120° to 140°, for cutting glass as heavy as 0.5 inches, wheels as essentially flat as160° or even 154° [180° would be flat like a roller] can be produced (13 mm). The most prominent drawback is that wheels with sharper hone angles wear down more quickly than those who have more obtuse angles.

The glass is then firmly rolled over the cutter, which creates a "score line" or "fissure" that weakens the glass along its path. With a 140 to 120 degree wheel, pressure as low as 6 or 5 pounds can be put on the thin glass; start with a 154 to 160-degree wheel, pressure as high as 20 pounds could be placed on some very thick glass. It's time to separate the well-scored pane. By lightly tapping along the cut, the glass can be weakened even more. On one end of the cutter for glass in the photo is a ball for tapping the glass. The split can then be "run" or "opened" with running pliers.

Lubrication of glass cutting tools

A small amount of oil (usual kerosene) is required for effective glass cutting, and some cutters for glass have a reservoir of this oil that lubricates the wheel while also preventing it from being too hot: as the wheel scores, friction between itself and the glass surface produces intense heat, which oil productively dissipates.

Large sheets for glass cutters

A computer-assisted semi-automatic CNC glass cutting machine is typically used to cut large sheets of glass. Large sheets are then shattered into individual panes of plastic by hand.

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