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Manual Sprayers

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Buy Highquality Manual Sprayers at Wholesale Price

Manual sprayers, also known as manual pressure sprayers, are mostly employed in agricultural applications. It comprises a liquid holding tank or container. This is then linked to a filtration mechanism, a coupling head, and a tiny electric pump. This entire system is then connected via a connecting tube and a spraying pipe containing a spray nozzle.


Each of these pieces is removable and re-attachable for cleaning and maintenance at any moment. This equipment is designed to spray liquids like herbicides and insecticides on organic material to kill weeds and pests like ants, roaches, and beetles, as well as other plant-eating insects and caterpillars.


Different Types of Manual Sprayers

Assorted Manual Sprayer: Generic's Assorted Manual Sprayer seems to be a high-quality item. All Assorted Manual Sprayers are made using high-quality materials and modern procedures, ensuring they meet the standards in this highly competitive market. 


Hand Operated Knapsack Sprayer: It has a knapsack-style shoulder strap for easy transportation and allows you to pump and steer the sprayer with your hands. It is ideal for increasing water sprays in both indoor and outdoor settings. The large filling aperture at the top and the filter allow easy use and cleaning. The hand-operated knapsack sprayer is the most frequent and classic equipment used globally to protect crops from insect assaults in agricultural areas.


Hand Operated Garden Sprayer: This sort of manually driven sprayer is perfect for tasks such as fertilizing, cleaning, and all types of spraying in gardens & small areas. They seem to be the greatest since they are hand operated and can reach areas many automatic and robotics sprayers cannot.


Hand Operated Pressure Sprayer: The pressure sprayer is intended for mild to moderate spraying outdoors and on farms. This tough sprayer works with most commercial liquid fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. It's also great for spraying water in both outdoor and indoor settings. The big filling slot at the top, as well as the filter, make usage and cleaning simple.


Portable Foot Sprayer: Foot sprayers are suitable and adaptable sprayers for multifunctional spraying operations. The sprayer comprises a foot-operated pump, a delivery hose, a suction hose containing a filter, & customizable nozzle. The foot sprayer is a versatile sprayer that may be used on field crops, vineyards, vegetable gardens, coffee and tea plantations, latex estates, floral plants, nurseries, and so forth.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Manual Sprayers

Quality: ls that won't last long. This buying technique can help you save money Considering the price of a common Manual Sprayer Pump is a good place to start. There are certain tools and gadgets in the lower price range. Note, however, that they are rather cumbersome to use and fragile. Remember, it's worth investing in quality, durable equipment instead of buying cheap in the long run. Remember, it's worth investing in quality, durable equipment instead of buying cheap tools that won't last long. This buying technique can help you save money in the long run.


Easily usable: When choosing a Manual Sprayer Pump, the type of handle is an important factor in considering ease of use. In general, manually operated sprayers with padded, ergonomic handles are preferred to avoid sore hands and blisters. Always prefer a tool that is lightweight as it will be useful in the long run and lessen the risk of breakdown.


Adjustable Spray: The adjustable spray is ideal for misting, soaking, and all of your needs, and it completely empties the tank of all remaining liquid. Make sure there are no leaks in the sprayer pump before buying it.


Air Valve: When there is too much air, a pressure relief protection valve can be used to immediately evacuate it. Therefore, it is safe to carry around a manual sprayer pump tank that is equipped with an Air Valve. 


Easy to fill: One of the best features of any product is the simplicity of tank filling. The top is simply unscrewed, and water or other non-harmful water-based products can be added. The directions are posted on the back of the manual sprayer, so someone can refer to them if they forget how many chemicals need to be added.


Different Brands Offering Manual Sprayers

Neptune: Neptune Industries is an established, experienced, and fast-growing engineering company with in-house design capabilities. We respect the highest industry standards and offer the development of complete plants, manual sprayers, and special machinery with globally recognised technology. Neptune machines are widely used in projects in India and more than 27 countries around the world.


KisanKraftAn ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, major importer, and distributor of quality agricultural equipment that improves the quality of life of marginal smallholder farmers by helping them increase their incomes, yields, and acreage. Focus on improving KisanKraft has rapidly grown to become one of the most reputable and trusted companies in the field with a nationwide presence. KisanKraft has a nationwide distribution network consisting of 3000 dealers, 16 offices, 14 service centers, its central warehouse in Bangalore, and 12 warehouses across India.


Farmearth- The large filler opening at the top and the filter make for simple usage and cleaning and are compatible with typical fertilizers, weed killers, and insecticides. If and when the battery runs out while performing pest control, you can switch it to manual operation. The Farmearth manual sprayer is perfect for municipal projects, industrial pest management, tea gardens, and field crops.


Aspee:  American Spring and Pressing Works Private Limited. (ASPEE), a leader in the industry of agricultural tools was founded in 1946. This firm began by producing a Manual Rotary Duster. It was not long before ASPEE began creating complex and technically advanced gear for the Indian and worldwide markets.


iBELL:  iBELL has entered the ranks of high-quality electronics goods manufacturers, offering a variety of stylish, practical, and cost-effective customer-durable items. iBELL focuses on entertainment and home appliances, aiming to give customers unprecedented satisfaction. Entertainment Products, Kitchen Appliances, Home Appliances, Tools & Machinery, & Security Systems are among the devices available.


Why is Moglix Best to Choose Manual Sprayers?

When choosing a Manual Sprayer Pump, always consider quality above quantity. Most brands supply high-quality items at competitive, affordable prices. Moglix focuses on the changing demands of our buyers who live in residences, commercial enterprises, and industrial environments. To meet the needs of all these consumers, the price of a sprayer pump will suit every budget. Their online range of manually operated sprayers sells the latest manually operated sprayers. We have found the most current coverage of Abrasives to make online purchasing easier for buyers. New models are added regularly.  We offer all information on each sprayer pump so that you can make an informed choice, choosing the best sprayer pump for you. Visit Moglix for a wonderful shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Manual Sprayers

How do you unclog a hand sprayer?

Your sprayer may now be operational if the nozzle is too tight. If not, unscrew and remove the cap, then hold it under hot, running water or immerse it in vinegar while poking holes in the blockage in the nozzle itself with a pin. Soak the nozzle in alcohol if your bottle contains a thick substance.

How do I stop my sprayer from leaking?

There are only two solutions: replace the spray head or replace both the spray head and the hose. First, check for leaks in the spray head. Spray some water and remove the head. Check that the slide nut is securely screwed into the spray head.