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Technology in Agriculture - A Blessed Curse

The growth and decline of the progress of agriculture have been at the hands of society as far as history dictates. However, the demand for agriculture has not slowed down. In fact, the rising scarcity of basic consumable commodities such as rice and wheat has whittled down the urge of farmers to innovate and increase crop production and has instead made way for numerous protests and riots in the masses. People have turned their interests to more readily available and unhealthy food alternatives in the form of instant meals and various other processed foods filled to the brim with detrimental chemicals and preservatives. Not only that, but the hostile takeover of the farming industry by computerized automation technology threatens to run manual labor into the dumps if the basic drive of the industry fades away.

Indeed the prospects of agriculture seemed to be waning steadily over the past few decades. Fewer people now are willing to invest in farming as they do in more comfortable occupations. But what they had failed to recognize was the other side of the industrial technology coin - a promise for making the process of farming easier while still preserving its core human involvement. The rapid industrialization that took away from the farming industry now heralds renewed aspirations in the hearts of farmers and consumers alike in the form of new and improved machines and devices that will make farming as easy as it is crucial. This category encompasses a wide array of mechanical devices, but none as important as the agricultural tiller machine.

What Makes a Tiller?

An agricultural tiller machine, or simply a till is the general name given to the many kinds of farming implements that are used for secondary tilling of the soil. Tillage refers to the process by which farmland is prepared for the cultivation of crops. Therefore most tillers are commonly referred to as cultivator machines. These types of machines have teeth-like structures called “shanks” that pierce and pulverize the soil as the machine moves. The motion of the shanks may be linear or rotary, but the basic principle behind both is the same – they function to loosen the topsoil before seeding.

Smaller cultivator machines that can be moved around by hand usually require an electrical power source. This makes them more akin to a power tool than a machine and hence are called power tiller machines. Although they offer more control and convenient operation over small land areas, they are greatly limited by the range they can cover. In comparison, a standard cultivator machine is a tractor-like vehicle that has circular or linear shanks embedded into the head-stock. The land is tilled as the vehicle is driven over it. Due to their automobile design, these machines offer a far wider range than their power tiller machine counterparts and are more appropriate for the cultivation of large expanses of farmland.

Another type of agricultural tiller machine is the power weeder machine. It is a slight variation on the traditional cultivator machine. The objective of this instrument is to distribute various weed-killing pesticides while tilling the soil. It is useful in the cultivation of farmlands that are home to bugs and pests that may destroy crops before harvest. These devices are also designed to disturb the soil in carefully determined patterns, securing the required crops but disrupting the weeds.

The Various Types and Applications of Tillers

Tillers differ largely based on the location of their tines and their preferred application. Garden tillers are a heavier class of power tiller machines that are useful for stirring and plowing the soil, whereas typical cultivator machines are generally lightweight and used for light-duty work. Front-tine tillers, rear-tine tillers, and vertical-tine tillers are more basic classifications of agricultural tiller machines that differ purely based on the type and placement of their tines. The nature of the soil to be tilled and the extent to which it must be plowed dictates which type of tiller is to be employed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tillers

What is the difference between a cultivator and a tiller?

The purpose of a cultivator serves to mix up soil that is already loose and stir whereas a lawn tiller is to break up hard and compact soil. To put it another way, cultivators are designed to prepare an existing garden bed, whereas tillers are designed to build new ones.

When is it and when is it not a good idea to use a tiller?

Regardless of when you decide to use the tiller, there are a few things to remember. The optimal seasons to utilize a garden tiller on your soil are autumn and spring. When the ground is moist, it's best to avoid using the tiller because it can result in big clumps of dense soil when it dries.

How deep do you run a field cultivator?

A cultivator's digging depth is usually around 4 inches, however, if your cultivator has adjustment levels, you could be able to go up to 6 inches. It depends on the make and model you're using, as well as the hardness of the soil you are working with.

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Neptune Tillers₹13585₹42885
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Balwaan Tillers₹2499₹52885
Yuvcon Tillers₹295₹1593
Power (hp) - 3 Hp Tillers₹15198₹42885
Power (hp) - 5.5 Hp Tillers₹71800₹85895
Power (hp) - 7 Hp Tillers₹52203₹98459
Power (hp) - 10 Hp Tillers₹130177₹194936
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