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Love gardening, then shop for top-quality Garden Rakes @ Moglix

When winter and autumn approaches, trees start shedding their canopies covering your lawn and garden with dry leaves. If trees are not enough, the unwanted thatch also covers the beauty of your garden. Garden rakes are the best tools to get rid of these unwanted guests from the garden.

Rake is a broom-like but sturdy tool that is used outdoors for horticulture. This tool features a toothed bar or tines attached to a handle and is used to collect hay, grass, leaves, leveling, loose soil, and more. Rakes are usually made of plastic, steel, wood, iron, or tines.

Five Key Types of Rakes used for Gardening

You can find different types of rake tools today, each dedicated to doing a specific in the garden. Here are 5 important rakes that you can use to maintain and take care of your garden.

Leaf rake - This rake tool is of a traditional kind used to pick or gather leaves in the garden. Due to its thin, long, and spread-out tines or sticks, the leaf rake can gather leaves and other light materials from the garden without damaging the lawn.

Shrub rake - Similar to a leaf rake in terms of function, this take tool is more slender and delicate. It is used to gather leaves and delicate matter in the lighter spaces in a garden, for example under shrubbery or tiny plants.

Bow rake - Featuring thick and short tines, this rake tool is more robust. Bow garden rakes deal with soil. Works related to evening, spreading, or breaking the soil can be efficiently done with bow rakes.

Thatch rake - Consisting blades on either side of the head, the thatch rake is used to remove the unwanted built-up of the organic layer from your lawn. This rake is more robust than the bow rake, which breaks up the thatch built-up and removes it.

Hand rake - Much smaller in size, this rake is similar to a bow rake and used for delicate works around flowers and small areas. Hand rake allows you much closer access to the soil and lawn.

Points to consider before buying Garde Rakes

  • --> When buying a shrub rake, look for a lightweight tool made of an aluminum handle and plastic head so that moving around with it becomes easy.

  • --> When buying thatch rake, look for double-sided rakes rather than one-sided as double-sided rakes have sharp blades on one side to remove debris and round blades for cultivating on the other.

  • --> When buying a leaf rake, look for curved handles for comfort in case of plastic whereas enamel-coated heads to avoid rust in case of a metal rake. A wide and adjustable rake is always the best option.

  • --> When buying a bow rake, choose a T-shaped head as it offers more stability and support while working.

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Wolf Garten Rakes₹372₹2925
Garden Tools Rakes₹175₹295
Falcon Rakes₹168₹525
Number Of Teeth - 12 Teeth Rakes₹285₹285
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