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Greenleaf 1.7HP 2 Stroke Brush Cutter with Tiller Attachment

44% OFF



  • By: Greenleaf
Pro Tools 1.55kW Petrol Brush Cutter, 4550-P

56% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Greenleaf 1.95HP 2 Stroke Brush Cutter

58% OFF



  • By: Greenleaf
Neptune 43cc 1.95 HP 2 stroke Heavy Duty Petrol Hand Grass Cutter with Wheels and Brush, BC-520W

45% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Pro Tools 3.25 HP 2 Stroke MF Brush Cutter with Tiller Attachment, 5550

50% OFF



  • By:
Neptune Petrol 2 Stroke 52cc Garden Sprayer Tiller Cultivator Rotavator, NC-52-Top

36% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Alko Petrol Brush Cutter, BC 4535 II-S

25% OFF



  • By: Alko
Vimal 170cm Brush Cutter, BC-52

20% OFF



  • By: Vimal
Greaves 1.56 kW Cotton Brush Cutter, GS CG 530

53% OFF



  • By: Greaves
Neptune Simply Farming 0.95 kW 3 in 1 Red Brush Cutter with 3 Blades, BC-360

59% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Neptune 2 Stroke Single Person Operated Tea Plucking Machine

47% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Vimal 170cm Brush Cutter, GX-35

20% OFF



  • By: Vimal
Homelite HBC45SB Brush Cutter, 1400 W

15% OFF



  • By: Homelite
Agriplus 1.47 kw 2 Stroked Air Cooled Petrol Brush Cutter

60% OFF



  • By:
Black+Decker 350W Single Hand Strimmer, GL360-GB

43% OFF



  • By: Black & Decker
Greenleaf Gx35 1.7HP 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

51% OFF



  • By: Greenleaf
Neptune 1.2L 1.65 Kw 2 stroke Petrol Garden Sprayer Tiller Cultivator Rotavator, NC-52

34% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Neptune 1400W Electric Garden Tiller Cultivator Rotavator, NC-41

47% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Neptune 1.46 kW 3 in 1 Red Brush Cutter with 3 Blades, BC-520

69% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Greenleaf 1.25kW 2 Stroke Brush Cutter with Tiller Attachment

43% OFF



  • By: Greenleaf
Yking 1.25 KW 43 CC Petrol Brush cutter, 4270-P SF

40% OFF



  • By: Yking
Vimal 155cm Long Cutter, LC-S

5% OFF



  • By: Vimal
Neptune 4 Stroke Single Person Operated Tea Plucking Machine

37% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Vimal 68cm Branch Cutter, BC

5% OFF



  • By: Vimal
Makita 34ml Petrol Brush Cutter, EM3400U

40% OFF



  • By: Makita
Pro Tools 4 Stroke Engine Brush Cutter, 4535-Px

28% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Neptune 1200W Red Electric Lawn Brush Cutter Machine, BC-1200E

29% OFF



  • By: Neptune
Greenleaf 52cc 2 Stroke Grass Cutter

52% OFF



  • By: Greenleaf
Falcon Zenoah 2 HP Weed Cutter, BK4310FL

Available on Request

  • By: Falcon Zenoah
STIHL 1.3kW Petrol Brush Cutter, FS 120

Available on Request

  • By: STIHL
STIHL 245W Petrol Brush Cutter, FSE 31

Available on Request

  • By: STIHL
MSI 2 Stroke Heavy Duty Petrol Brush Cutter

Available on Request

  • By: MSI
Kasei 1.31kW Petrol Brush Cutter, KZ-4000BC-PRO-2S

Available on Request

  • By: Kasei
Aspee Brush Cutter, BC/CG430B

Available on Request

  • By: Aspee
Shapura 4 Teeth Gasoline Brush Cutter

Available on Request

  • By: Shapura
Falcon Zenoah Combo Of Trimmer & Weed Cutter Combo, EXZ2610DL

Available on Request

  • By: Falcon Zenoah
Ferm 22cm Cordless Grass Trimmer Cutter, GTM1003

Available on Request

  • By: Ferm
Green Kraft 1.4kW Engine Power Brush Cutter, GK-B430

Available on Request

  • By: Green kraft
Xtra Power Brush Cutter, XPG-BC2S, 6500-7000 rpm

Available on Request

  • By: Xtra Power
KBI KB11BC4SH Brush Cutter (Honda) 4 Stroke Engine, Power-2.1 HP

Available on Request

  • By: KBI

Select Brush Cutters Online For Proper Garden Maintenance

The brush cutters are a type of gardening tools which is used for clearing grass, small bushes and shrubs. To help gardeners & gardening enthusiasts maintain their gardens in a perfect manner, we have sourced the newest range of brush cutters. Available in a wide variety of designs and sizes, our brush cutters have been sourced from brands such as Makita, KBI, Century, Green Kraft, Xtra Power etc. The brush cutter machine collections we offer as a part of this collection are highly compact & portable. Therefore, they can be used in different parts of gardens. Enhance the look of your garden overnight using the newest models of brush cutters.

Leading Brands of Brush Cutters Available Online At Moglix

At Moglix, we offer some of the leading brands in the Indian market. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Makita - The Makita brush cutters which we offer as a part of our collection are equipped with MM4 4 stroke engine and have an ergonomic handle which makes maneuvering to be done easily. They are compliant with all environment standards and are equipped with a comfortable shoulder harness with a waist belt and double shoulder straps.

Alko - Our range of Alko brush cutters are equipped with an adjustable handle height, adjustable auxiliary handle and are flexible for usage in all directions. Therefore, they can be handled with a high level of convenience by users. The presence of a powerful engine makes these brush cutters suitable for cutting grass of varying lengths with a high level of precision. Some of these cutters are equipped with a double shoulder strap which ensures that the user doesn’t suffer from a high level of hand fatigue.

Xtra Power - The Xtra Power Brush Cutters which form a part of our collection operate using petrol and have two strokes. They operate without producing a high level noise and can be used for cutting weed, grass and tree branches with a high level of efficiency.

Apart from the brands that are mentioned above, we also deal in the brush cutters created by brands such as Green Kraft, Homelite, and Century etc. We have sourced these brushcutters for sale keeping in touch with the changing needs of buyers. The products sourced by us are complaint with all existing quality standards in the industry. Therefore, they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Choose From the Exciting Range Of Brush Cutters Moglix Has On Offer

As in the case of interior decor, gardening is an art in itself. Therefore, to meet up with the expectations of buyers, we have come up with an exciting collection of brush cutters such as petrol brush cutters, electric brush cutters etc. Our range includes models which are equipped with a professional bike handle with acceleration control trigger. The presence of the tri arc blade with double line bump head & quick release shoulder strap makes them highly convenient to use. A high recoil starting system makes these brush cutters a convenient option both for professional gardeners as well as home based users.

Why Buy Brush Cutters from Moglix?

At Moglix, we highly appreciate the time spent by people in maintaining their gardens. To simplify the buying process of brushcutters for them, we have segmented our category on the basis of price, brand etc. The presence of specifications in each model simplifies the product selection process for buyers. This season, transform your garden using the newest range of brush cutters we have on offer.