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Pruning Secateur

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Care For Your Garden Using Pruning Secateurs

Pruning Secateurs are a type of gardening tool that is used to prune branches and other extensions of small trees, plants, and shrubs. These shears are also known as hand pruners since you can hold them in your hands (and are also sometimes called secateurs in British English). Compared to other major gardening equipment, pruning shears are much more mobile and convenient to use for small-scale landscaping purposes.

In the realm of agriculture and horticulture, pruning is the process of removing certain parts of small plants there are not required for the growth and propagation of that plant. On a large scale, this process requires special types of mechanical pruning shears.

However, on a much smaller scale such as domestic gardens and backyards, pruning scissors or garden secateurs can be used to remove visually displeasing or potentially harmful sections of small plants and shrubs. Garden secateurs are also available in the form of hand pruners or handheld pruners for comfortable use.

Applications of Garden Secateurs

As the name suggests, pruning shears are small scissor-like gardening elements that are used to carry out pruning processes. They may also be commonly used for simple landscaping tasks such as trimming gedges, stray branches, wilted flowers, and so on. These pruning scissors are typically strong enough to cut through branches as much as 2 cm thick.

Pruning scissors may be large (which requires two hands) or small (which can be operated using a single hand). The type of pruning shear used depends on the size of the plant and the location of the application. Their blades are typically made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or titanium-coated steel which prevents major damage from weather and chemical damage from rust.

Hand pruners are also commonly used for maintaining tiny plants and indoor shrubs such as Bonsai trees. The branches of these trees are maintained and the overall shrub is decorated using the handheld pruner to trim the branches and leaves around them carefully and into the desired shape.

Function and Form of Pruning Shears

Branches or segments of plants which are are thicker than 2 cm can be approached using a type of garden secateurs called anvil pruners. These types of pruners only have a single blade for cutting while the other blade resembles a die or a flat surface. The sharp blade delivers the force for cutting while the blunt blade absorbs the shock.

On the other hand, bypass pruners are a type of garden secateurs that resembles scissors. It consists of two blades that are sharp enough to deliver cuts that bypass each other when a force is applied on their respective leavers. These blades are typically curved in opposite directions - one is concave while the other is convex.

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