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Gardening and Agricultural Products Online at Moglix

When it comes to making gardening a little easier, having the right tools for the job can make a big difference in the world. But what are the best gardening tools? The best tools are sometimes as easy as reusing what you already have. Or risk the one-handed tool you see in seed catalogues over the years and, after using it, wonder how you managed to cultivate a garden without it for so long.


Gardening is simply planting seeds in the ground and watching them grow. But if you've ever tried gardening, you know it's not easy. Bad weather, pests, crop diseases, poor soil and busy schedules combine to create the challenge of an average growing season. A set of garden equipment is a must if you want to upkeep your lush green area clean and pruned.


Moglix offers a new collection of gardening & outdoor tools to fulfill all the requirements of both professional and budding gardeners. We keep a track of the ever-changing needs of gardening enthusiasts and procure the tools for gardening. The products which form a part of our collection have been sourced from eminent brands like Bellota, Best Sprayers, Blessed, Ever Strong, Falcon, Green Girgit, Greenleaf, Makita, Neptune, Rutland, and more.


An Optimum Range of Garden Accessories at Moglix

Garden accessories form a part and parcel of almost every homeowner who has a garden. To help them meet up with the challenges they face while maintaining their patio, Moglix presents an extensive range of gardening equipment. The collection includes mowers & trimmers, sprayers, cutting tools, pruning shears, shovels, hand trowels, rakes, air blowers, seeders, hose pipes, spray nozzles, garden sprinklers, pots & planters, garden utilities, and more.


A Comprehensive Range of Gardening Tools

To suit the needs of gardening enthusiasts, Moglix offers a vast range of gardening tools and accessories online. The products, at Moglix, are procured directly from the manufacturers and suppliers; thereby ensuring the quality of these products.


Experience a Hassle Free Gardening Experience Using Mowers and Trimmers

Trimmers are widely cutting & pruning brushes or solitary hedges. To meet up with the changing expectations of buyers, Moglix presents a new range of hedge trimmers that come with an exciting range of features. Some features of our trimmer are:

  • --> Trimmers are compact, lightweight and come with accurate sharpening steel blades which have a long-life span.
  • --> They are ideal for pruning and maintenance of trees and brushes.
  • --> Both manual and electric trimmers are available to meet the needs of users.
  • --> Available in a wide range of handles, they have different types of length shafts, loop handles, straight shafts configurations. They are widely used for landscaping purposes.
  • --> The weed eater trimmers have a curved shaft and an easy start.
  • --> Grass trimmers have a dual string and are equipped with a knock-down coupler which ensures when the trimming is over.


Mowers are widely used for cutting grass across a wide range of landscapes. To make gardening a pleasurable experience, Moglix presents an exciting collection of lawnmowers & brush cutters.


Manual Lawn Mowers: These lawn mowers come with wheels that come with high impact plastic wheels that are equipped with rubber tires and are easy to use.


Electric Lawn Mowers: These mowers are known for their cutting proficiency and high cutting. Our range of electric lawnmowers online is equipped with a specially designed deck that makes sure that the wheels don’t jut out.


Keep Your Plants in Perfect Health Using Latest Models of Sprayers

Sprayers are one of the most used devices for watering gardens. Keeping plants in perfect condition requires a considerable amount of care. To help users flawlessly maintain their plants, Moglix has come up with a wide range of garden sprayers online. Some of them are mentioned below:


Hand sprayers: The compression-type hand sprayers that are available in this range are ideal for usage in properties with indoor areas, nurseries, and household work. These garden pressure sprayers can be used with chemicals in and around the garden.


Weed sprayers: These are widely used for controlling the growth of weeds in gardens, farms, etc. They are used in residential properties as well as in rural areas as agricultural sprayers.


Pesticide sprayers: Pests are a major menace for people who own farms, gardens as well as orchards. To keep the pests away from your farm, pesticide sprayers are required. These sprayers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Make Gardening a Hassle Free Exercise Using Cutting & Pruning Tools

Pruning shears are commonly used for cutting stems as well as light branches. The models that we have on offer are equipped with an angled cutting head which minimizes wrist fatigue and makes pruning an easier process while working at awkward angles. They are ideal for usage in gardening, arboriculture, farming, conservation of the environment, etc.


Garden Hoes: These form an integral part of the gardening kit. Our range of garden hoes is highly efficient in controlling weeds. These are ideal for usage in crops such as maize, cotton, vegetables, groundnuts, etc.


Stock Your Home with the New Collections of the Shovels and Digging Tools

Shovels are one of the most used for lifting a wide range of objects from a surface. Moglix offers a wide range of shovels, which include:


Garden spades are primarily meant for usage in lawns, community parks etc. The spades that we have on offer are equipped with a D-handle and are equipped a narrow, tempered steel blade which makes it ideal for digging and for transplanting plants. They are equipped with footsteps, control, and added downward force.


Secateurs are the best bet for pruning calipers. The Falcon secateurs are equipped with a steel handle with a soft grip which makes them easy to use. Equipped with a thumb-operated safety lock, they have a leaf spring system and hardened steel blades that have a rust preventive coating. They also have a leaf spring system.


Simplify Garden Maintenance with Rakes & Cultivating Tools

A garden rake is a type of room that is meant for external use. It is meant for users to collect hay, leaves, grass, hay, etc. A garden fork is equipped with a handle and many short, sturdy tines. They are meant for loosening, lifting, and also turning over the soil in farming and gardening.


Gardening Tool Kits - A Perfect Solution for Gardening Enthusiasts

Gardening is an art that is appreciated by many people. This winter, make your garden resemble the Garden of Eden by procuring the latest collection of gardening tool kits we have come up with. Here are some of the major items that we are offering as a part of gardening tool kits online: -


Home Tool Kits which we have sourced from brands such as Ketsy include a wide range of tools ranging from forks, hand trowels, and secateurs to garden hoes. Therefore, users don’t have to go here and there looking for the above-mentioned tools. They will get everything that they require without having to look anywhere else.


Garden supplies - The presence of garden supplies is essential for any gardener to maintain his lawn in perfect condition throughout the year. These supplies are helpful in cleaning & maintenance bushes, shrubs, and hedges around gardens.


Sow Seeds with Perfection Using the Newest Range Of Seeders

To make the entire process an easy task for farmers, Moglix offers a wide range of seeders that can automatically sew the field for you.


Pots and planters: These are a must for keeping plants and flowers in the best condition. To ensure a high level of satisfaction among gardening enthusiasts, we have sourced a wide range of gardening pots.


Arm Bulb Planters: Bulb planters are essential for planting small bulbs within the soil. For using the bulbs, you will have to insert them into the soil from one side to another and insert the bulb. The comfortable grip of the bulb planters makes them suitable for usage over a long time.


Garlic planters - These types of seeders are meant for usage in garlic plantations.


Speed cum fertilizer drills - An ideal seeder meant for usage in agriculture, these seeders are used for sowing a wide range of items ranging from mustard, wheat, and vegetables to maize and moong.


Stay Safe from Snakes Using Snake Catchers

The presence of snakes within gardens is a major concern for many owners. To help property owners keep snakes away from their gardens, Moglix presents a wide range of snake catchers online. The Sharpex snake catchers which we are offering are made from high-quality aluminum. They have a round tubular body and come with an auto-lock feature which makes them suitable for storage and safety.


Acquire the Newest Range of Watering Cans Which Are Available At Moglix

Sprinklers: These are essential for watering different parts of a garden. The hose t-connectors are made from the best quality material. They will help users to ensure that their irrigation system has a high level of efficiency. These hose t-connectors can be easily connected to timers, taps, guns, nozzles, sprinklers, and accessories.


Watering cans play a major role in the maintenance of gardens and lawns and are available in colors and shapes. They are highly compact and portable and therefore can be used for watering plants and flower beds conveniently.


Select From an Assortment of Seeds Offered By Moglix

Seeds are essential for the growth of plants and flowers within a garden. Keeping in touch the changing needs of users, Moglix is offering a wide variety of seeds meant for usage in gardens and lawns. The seeds which are available as a part of this range include those of kochia, calendula, crysthenthium, sunflower, zinnia, marigold, nastrosinum seeds etc. These seeds have been sourced from brands such as Garden Aids. They can help users beautify their gardens in the best way possible.


Why Buy Gardening, Agriculture & Landscaping Equipments Online From Moglix?

At Moglix, we deal in a wide range of gardening tools. From rakes and forks to pots and birdhouses, we offer an assortment of options to choose from. The price of all these garden supplies has been kept within a wide range. For the convenience of the customers, Moglix offers delivery to all the major cities in India which include Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Raipur.

Gardening & Landscaping - Price Range

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Plant Pots₹233₹16124
Drip Irrigation & Accessories₹153₹1414
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