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What are Washers and their Uses

Washers are machine components or sub-components that are generally used in synchrony with screws (called a screw washer), screw-like mechanisms (called plain washers), or screw fasteners such as nuts and bolts (called nut washers and bolt washers, respectively). They serve as assistive media between two surfaces and act to distribute the load induced by mechanical stress from the individual components over a larger area. They also prevent the system from loosening up and collapsing on itself due to torque strain.

Typical plain washers are designed as disc-shaped, thin plates with a hole in the center. These are usually made of soft/hardened metals, plastic, or their alloys. Certain types of washers may also be reinforced by electroplating or chemical plating techniques according to their functional requirements.

What is the purpose of the washer?

Several different variants of washers are used for load distribution and others to prevent loosening. For instance, thin, flat rings of soft steel are usually employed to distribute a load of a threaded fastener between components, as seen in plain washers and screw washers, while those with more spring-like attributes are employed to prevent loosening, as seen in nut washers and bolt washers. In addition to this, some special washers also have teeth-like structures which can grip onto the workpiece, proving a locking action and preventing slips. These washers are shake-proof and can usually be twisted out of the plane of the washer face.

Some high-quality bolted metal joints require additional resistance from galvanic corrosion, for which steel-hardened screw washers are employed. These types of washers are also often coated with industrial-grade lubricants to reduce friction when employed in the mechanic of moving parts.

How to use Bolt Washers Effectively

Washers are most notably used to protect the surface of the instrument from damage during installation. The instrument in question may commonly be a faucet, a screw, a bolt, or a nut in the case of a plain washer, a screw washer, a bolt washer, and a nut washer, respectively, in a domestic setting. Overlooking washers during the installation process can drastically reduce the lifespan of the equipment. When it comes to more industrial applications, such as within the mechanics of automobiles, medical instruments, furniture, or electronic devices, however, specific types of washers are employed according to their function. There is no “one type fits all” when it comes to washers once you start giving these tiny saviors the respect they deserve.

Different Types of Washers available Online

Plain washers or flat washers are commonly used in areas that require some form of damage prevention and, in some cases, electrical insulation. These are typically flat rings with a hole diameter larger than the fixing body.

Spring washers, on the other hand, have more axial flexibility, allowing them to reduce leaks and vibrations. These washers have slightly conical or even irregular shapes, which provides an axial counter-force when deformed. Slight variations in the design of spring washers give rise to the Locking washer type, which is used prominently to hold workpieces in place.

Other notable variants include certain types of gaskets, K-nuts, self-aligning washers, torque-limiting washers, and more.

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