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Use Dowel Pins to Secure Your Machinery

Dowel pins are hardened and precisely shaped fastening tools. They are used to help keep the components of machines accurately aligned. They also serve as location guides for adjacent parts of the machine. They are beneficial in aligning two components together.

These pins are cylindrical in shape and are constructed in such a manner that allows them to fasten various workpieces together to secure the machinery. These pins are most often used in conjunction with socket screws. They allow the socket screws to take up the tensile loads in operation by absorbing shear loads. Different materials such as wood, alloy steel, stainless steel, nylon, and case hardened carbon steel is used to construct these fasteners.

You can find various types of these dowel pins like precision pins, pull-out pins, grooved pins, standard pins, oversized pins, spring pins, tapered pins, and pilot pins. You can choose the required type of pin based on your needs.

Wood Dowel Pins for Various Uses

Wooden dowel pins are straight and simple pins that typically contain furrowed ends that aid with insertion and alignment into machines. You can use these smooth dowels to drive into a tight interference-fit hole. This helps in creating an air-tight seal. When these dowels are driven into drive holes, a significant amount of pressure is created that traps the air inside the hole. These pins are usually available as a length of dowel rod from the required length can be cut and used as individual dowels.

Applications of Metal Dowel Pins

Metal dowel pins find precision engineering applications to achieve accurate location and alignment. When these fasteners are inserted into the concentric holes of two or more components, they help hold them together. A transitional fit is used to generate friction to compress the pin and hold it securely inside the holes.

Functional Threaded Dowel Pin

Threaded dowel pins, also known as grooved pins, will feature grooves along their side to suit various applications. If only one portion of the pin contains these grooves, the other end, which is smooth, will allow the connected unit to rotate in a free manner. These types of pins are ideal for use in blind holes. During insertion, these pins allow the materials to pass through.

Specialized Tapered Dowel Pins

Tapered dowel pins are specialized pins that have one of their ends slightly larger in diameter as compared to the other. This results in a uniform taper along the length of the pin that is simple yet provides an effective fastening. They create a wedge or stop in machinery applications that require frequent assembly and dismantling of components.

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Dowel Pins - Price Range

Dowel PinsMin PriceMax Price
Unbrako Dowel Pins₹6₹8462
Diameter - M10 Dowel Pins₹23₹3166
Diameter - M12 Dowel Pins₹32₹4139
Diameter - M16 Dowel Pins₹73₹8462
Diameter - M2 Dowel Pins₹6₹272
This data was last updated on 9/25/22.