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Arduino Modules: A Smart and Innovative Electronic Component

Arduino is an ideal option when beginning with electronics for using software and hardware collectively. The UNO is regarded as an excellent option when entering into the coding phase. Arduino UNO is a microcontroller-based board that holds the ATmega328P datasheet. Arduino boards have been extremely useful in a large number of projects over several years and showcase as a flexible tool for beginners as well as upgraded users. The Arduino starter kit is helpful to have a go through on the basics of Arduino which includes the most useful electronic components along with a book of diversified projects. The Arduino shield is available in three distinct options which include a motor shield, mini breadboard and an RFID reader.

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Techtonics - This is a well-known brand that manufactures several Arduino boards with CNC shield, USB Bluetooth dongle, and so on. It used the latest Arduino CNC Shield Version 3.10 and PWM Spindle pins. It has manufactured Arduino microcontroller AT91SAM3X8E boards with analog input and output pins.

Embeddinator - This famous brand manufactures up to +4dBm RF transmit power Arduino boards. The programmable input and output control is present within the boards. There are integrated antenna and edge connector which works well with the serial port Bluetooth.

What are the features of Arduino?

Arduino boards are extremely famous in the advanced time. It comes up with a wide list of features which are mentioned in the following points:

Cross electronic platform

It is a cross-platform which runs with wide compatibility. It is suitable for Macintosh OSX, Linux operating system, and Windows.


It is economical as compared to other platforms such as micro-controller. It fits into an affordable range for using it. Among the distinct versions of the Arduino, the least expensive one is easily gathered with the hand. The pre-assembled module is also not expensive.

Simple Programming

It comprises an easy software that is compatible with the beginners as well. Although, the advanced users also find it as a flexible software. The teachers can make use of it as a processing programming. There is no complication involved in working with the micro-controller using Arduino boards.

Open-source Software

It is open-source software that runs extensively. It is easy to expand the language with the help of the C++ library. Experience designers who can frame circuit can prepare their own versions with their knowledge. The breadboard version can be easily made by the less experienced designers too.

Module - Price Range

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Converter Module₹104₹1378
Raspberry Pi₹198₹3894
Display Module₹47₹1392
Single Board Computer₹206₹240
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