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Buy Resistors at Reasonable Price at Moglix

Technically, resistors are passive two-terminal electronic components that are used to control temperature and voltage. They are precisely used to reduce current flow. Also, they help to divide voltages and adjust signal levels. There are different types of resistors like wire-wound resistors, variable resistors, photoresistors, surface mount resistors, etc. The primary function of the resistor is to reduce the current flow.

Almost every electrical appliance in our daily use has a resistor installed in it. It is presumably installed to reduce and maintain the current flow. Be it your toaster, laptops, androids, geyser, headphones. Almost everything that uses current needs a resistor in it. You can buy resistors at Moglix with deals like never before.

Buy Resistor Boxes Online according to Requirements

One should buy resistor boxes carefully as it contains different sets of resistors. All of them have different values that help to determine and compare the resistance in a resistance box. Mainly a resistance box will allow you to control a precise amount of current flow throughout the circuit.

In a resistance box, you don’t need to change the variable resistors every time. You can simply rotate the switch to get the desired resistance. A range of 1ohm to 5000ohm suggests a high resistance box; 1ohm to 500ohm a middle resistance box, and 0.1ohm to 50ohm a low resistance box.

Resistance boxes can be further classified into simple resistance boxes and decade resistance boxes. A decade resistor box can be used to test other devices like inductors, capacitors, resistors, etc., up to the highest accurate results. Apparently, you can buy resistor boxes from our online store to create different circuit designs.

Buy Variable Resistors in Bulk for various Applications

As the name suggests, variable resistors are ones where you can adjust the value of electrical resistance. Photoresistors and potentiometers are examples of variable resistors. These resistors work by sliding over other resistive materials. When the amount of light striking photoresistor changes the resistance changes as well.

Buy Photoresistors from Reputed Brands and Suppliers

Photoresistors are also known as light-dependent resistors (LDR’s) and are passive electrical components. The resistance of these devices varies depending on the brightness of the light source. The resistance decreases when the light intensity increases. They are made from semiconductor materials like silicon and germanium. Photoresistors portray photoconductivity and are widely used in burglar alarms, alarm clocks, street lights, automatic door openings, etc.

Well, because Moglix is an online store that offers you the best products from famous brands at the best prices. We are constantly working to deliver you the products of your choice within your budget. Here, you can choose from a range of products from brands like ABB, KOA, and Caddock. Also, you can be assured to get the exact product you need without any technical damages. Buy photoresistors, variable resistors, and everything you need at an affordable price today.