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Electronic components are used for building electronic circuits that are further used in various industries like automobile, construction, IT, etc. Without these components, no circuit design is complete or functional. Each electronic has its own function and purpose. Active components provide and control energy whereas passive components respond to the flow of voltage and store energy. You can make your own DIY projects with the right selection of basic electronic components.

Types of Electronic Components

Analog Components: Circuits which are built with a combination of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, operational amplifiers, and diodes, are analog. We have two categories under analog: power controller and power switch.

Display solution: In this modern informative era, high-quality display solutions are gaining a huge potential in terms of their applications. There are sub-categories of this component: touch screen, touch screen controller, and display cables.

Semiconductor: A solid chemical element or compound which conducts electricity under certain conditions but not under others. This feature makes it a good medium for current control.

Electromechanical: Electromechanical components are those which cause some kind of mechanical change by using an electrical signal. We offer three categories of these components: electronic relays, keypads and buzzers, and the battery cell.

Module: Modules are used in a diverse range of applications as they produce customer-specific miniaturized electronic subsystems. We have seven categories under module: PCB module, motherboard, camera module, a converter module, raspberry pi, display module, and Arduino.

Sensors: A sensor is a device that gives an output based on the detection of a change in quantities or events. We offer six types of sensors: flex & force sensor, line follower sensor, humidity & temperature sensor, infrared proximity sensor, biometric fingerprint sensor, and motion & current sensor.

Shop Supreme Quality Electronic Components From offers a wide range of electronic components of the best brands like GE, Macom, and Techtonics. We offer them at affordable prices and in various specifications as per the need of the customer.

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