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Submersible Cables

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Get Your Hands on High Quality Submersible Cables


The submersible cables provide reliable underwater performance from extremely shallow water to depths of up to 800 meters.


Submersible cables connect electrical motor equipment in process and potable water, connecting low-voltage equipment. They are utilized in several industries, such as food processing and water treatment. One can use them in submersible pumps for mining applications, swimming pool lighting, aquariums, and procedures for processing and preserving foods and beverages meant for human consumption.


The submersible cables are pressure-resistant, waterproof, and designed to function submerged for extended periods. They can operate in harsh industrial situations as they are resistant to abrasion, oil, weather, and chemical assault.


Get your hands on good quality and robust submersible cables from various trust-worthy brands such as Fybros, Polycab, Damor, Rhino, RK, and many more.


Various Types of Industrial Submersible Cables

Submersible Pump Twisted Copper Cable - The submersible pumps used for standard, light-duty applications can use Submersible Pump Twisted Copper Cable. It is preferable only to use this kind of cable when the well is sufficiently shallow so that the maintenance cost, should you need to repair or replace the wire, won't be expensive. Twisted copper wire is cheaper than other cables in the range since it does not have added protection.


Flat Submersible Pump Cable - The PVC insulation on the Flat Submersible Pump Cable provides the cable with additional protection from mechanical impact and abrasion. For the majority of submersible pump applications, flat cable durability is essential.


The jacket offers crucial protection since, in deep wells, there is a considerable probability that the cable may brush against the surface, causing it to wear off quickly. 


Round Submersible Pump Cable - Three conductors and a ground wire make up a cable called the round Submersible Pump Cable. The cable's conductors are placed in a non-parallel manner, making it less durable than a flat cable. But compared to a twisted-pair cable without a jacket, this one is more robust. It is ideal for applications involving submersible pumps that call for a three-conductor conductor.


Heavy-Duty Flat Submersible Pump Cable - A type of flat cable called Heavy-Duty Flat Submersible Pump Cable has an added rating for heavy-duty applications. The cable has two jackets for additional security. Because a typical flat cable works just as well in the majority of heavy-duty applications, it is beneficial for submersible pumps with harsh conditions.


Things to Consider Before Buying High-Quality Submersible Wires

Quality of Conducting Material - Copper and aluminum are the two main types of wires. Copper is a better electrical conductor and works better when conducting electricity. Due to its great flexibility and low resistance, 100% conductivity, electrolytic-grade copper is the ideal conducting material for manufacturing wires economically. The size of the wires and the type of insulation used should be considered when evaluating conductivity.


Insulation - Insulation is the material that insulates the bare conductor and makes it safe for installation. The flame retardant grade's polyvinyl chloride (PVC) should always be used as insulation. Sheathing for cables can be FR or non-FR grade PVC, and FR PVC is used for insulation.


Flexibility - Typically, flexible conductor wires are now readily accessible on the market. Although solid conductor wires are still available in some areas, flexible wires are preferable because they are easier to place in conduit and are more user-friendly for electricians. In comparison to solid wires, flexible wires include a more significant number of annealed conductors, giving them greater flexibility.


Reputable Vendors and Manufacturers - With many different brands of submersible wires on the market, only some of which meet the necessary specifications. Therefore, it is crucial to identify manufacturers and sellers who only produce wires following legal standards.


Brands Selling High Quality and Robust Submersible Cables


RK Submersible Cables - RK Engineers, one of the world-renowned manufacturers of industrial submersible cables, provide submersible cables of slim design and high-class insulation material.


They are safe in terms of water, fire resistance, crack & damage proof in harsh environments, protecting you from any unlikely event.


They only use high-quality ISI-marked wires for submersible pump installation.


Rhino Submersible Cables - Rhino is a well-known company selling high-quality submersible wires with the most excellent raw materials and cutting-edge technology. The materials are procured from the most reputable and authorized suppliers following thorough market research.


Their wires are ideal for high-current applications and are made to withstand rough conditions.


Damor Submersible Cables - Damor is one of the top manufacturers of submersible cables. Damor submersible cables are of high standards in terms of quality.


Their submersible cables are made from high-quality copper, which ensures excellent electrical conductivity and durability and is highly rated for use in submersible applications meaning that they can be used in a wide range of settings. Finally, their cables have a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.


Polycab Submersible Cables - Polycab products have a high reputation in the market for their high quality. Polycab Submersible Cables are perfect for conduit wiring because their conductors are constructed of many strands of delicately drawn copper wires and offer great flexibility.


The cables are made with conductors using electrolytically positioned annealed exposed copper wires, making them safe to use on wet surfaces, underwater, or underground.


Swadeshi Submersible Cables - Swadeshi Cables has a strong labor force that comprises technocrat design engineers, marketing experts, and resident engineers. Encouraged by the need for high-quality submersible cables, it has regularly updated its cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing facility through modernizing programs.


Find Reliable and Reasonable Industrial Submersible Cables

At Moglix, we provide an extensive selection of submersible cables that meet every possible purpose. The submersible wires in our collection all adhere to the most current industry standards.


Our flexible wires are trustworthy, fire-resistant, lead-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. We sell world-class wires and cables from world-known manufacturers using the best-in-class technology. You can utilize these submersible cables in places where water is always nearby. We use high-quality, secure submersible cables to protect you, your loved ones, your appliances, and the entire circuit. Get the most affordable rates and attractive discounts on bulk purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Submersible Cables

Why flat cable is used for submersible?

Because of their superior mechanical and electrical properties, flat submersible cables are the best. These power cables are made of high-quality materials and have a highly abrasion-resistant PVC sheath that is resistant to grease, oil, and water.

How do you test a submersible cable?

To test a submersible cable, immerse one probe of the megohmmeter in water and another on one of the wire's ends. Examine and test all of the wire ends. Each lead's readings should yield very large numbers. If not, electricity is leaking into the water, most likely due to a nick in the installation.