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Coaxial Cables

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Buy internet coaxial cables from Moglix at special discounts and deals

Perfect for transferring high-frequency electrical and radio signals from one place to another, coaxial wires are widely used in the distribution of broadband internet, cable television, and more. Coaxial cable use is the primary choice for most companies to meet the cabling needs of several homes and offices. The usability of coaxial cables is diverse and it comes in different sizes and types to suit every customer’s requirements.

Coaxial wires are an electrical cable with an inner conductor, which is surrounded by concentric conducting shields. The appearance of these cables is different from other cables because they are generally round and thick. These cables are strong, quite durable, and easy to install.

Five Main Coaxial Cable Types

You can find various types of internet coaxial cables, each varying by impedance and gauge. Gauge is the thickness of the cable and is measured by RG (radio gauge) number.

Digital coaxial cable - Thicker in size but same as a standard coax cable, these wires have higher bandwidth. With digital coaxial cable use, you can transfer digital signals.

RG6 coaxial cable - Mostly used in offices and homes, these cables feature thick central conductors, offering better quality signals. These cables are thin, can handle GHz level signals effectively, and can be easily installed in ceilings or walls.

RG-59 coaxial cable - Similar to RG-6, RG-59 has a thinner central conductor and is the best choice for low-frequency transmissions and short runs.

RG-11 coaxial cable - Thicker than other coaxial wires, this wire provides a low attenuation level than RG-59 and RG-6. RG-11 cables are perfect for long-distance data transmission.

Ohm coaxial cable - These cables have 75 ohms impedance and ideal for commercial applications and heavy industries. With the ohm coaxial cable use, you can transfer voice, audio, and video signals without losing strength and the quality of the data.

Choosing the right coaxial cable types

Whether you are buying a coaxial cable for TV, internet, audio, or video transfer, it is mandatory to choose the right one for the right job. Here are a few main points that you should consider.

  • --> Coax cables come in two impedance variants, 75 ohms that are used for video applications and 50 ohms that are best for data and wireless communication. Choose that suits your requirement.

  • --> To cover longer distance data transfer, the signal’s operating frequency should be lower, else there is the risk of signal loss. Signals with lower frequency can be transmitted at longer distances.

  • --> For better and strong data transfer, the cable’s characteristic impedance should match with an impedance of the load.

  • --> To decrease the risk of signal loss, look for internet coaxial cables with a thicker central conductor.

Choose the right coaxial cable for your home, office, or business at Moglix. Our site has listed wires from well-known brands such as Havells, Anchor, and Naresh at absolutely reasonable prices. We sell top-quality products with customer satisfaction as our main motto. Make your purchase right away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coaxial Cables

Is a coaxial cable the same as a TV cable?

Coaxial cables, commonly referred to as coax cables, are specialised cables intended to transmit radio frequencies and data without additional electrical interference, or "static." They are frequently applied to gadgets like radios, TVs, and computers.

How far can coax cable run?

Compared to twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable can be installed across greater distances. For instance, twisted-pair cabling enables Ethernet to travel about 100 metres (328 feet) in length. This distance is increased to 500m when using coaxial wire (1640.4 feet). Coaxial cable has a number of benefits for LANs.

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Swadeshi Coaxial Cables₹1031₹3781
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