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CCTV Cables

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Buy the Best CCTV Cables Online at Moglix

CCTV camera cables are wires used for various purposes including wiring digital video recorders and CCTV cameras to ensure efficient and constant surveillance of the site being safeguarded. There are different techniques to transfer videos using cables namely coax, fiber optic cables, wireless video cables, etc. with each type of cable having its designated run to ensure optimal video quality. You can buy the best security camera cable online at at a very reasonable price.

Significance of Using Good CCTV Camera Cables

Security and safety are some of the major concerns of any setting, whether it is a privately owned property or any other place. For this reason, homes and industrial warehouses and manufacturing units, shopping malls, railway stations, airport localities, schools, hotels, and even on roads CCTV cameras are installed. The cameras installed at such locations must be connected with secure and high precision cable circuits to monitor and survey the sites incessantly and on a minute by minute basis, send real-time information to the data center.

Buy the Best Brand of CCTV Connectors from Moglix

CP Plus offers a myriad of advanced camera security and surveillance solutions for an entire spectrum of industries to deliver specific results for effective security.

Havells India Limited is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India. They are in business since 1958 and manufacture the best security equipment. Shop for the best Havells CCTV connectors at an affordable price.

Swadeshi is one of the leading brands in surveillance and security solutions.

Why Buy CCTV Cables from Moglix?

Moglix is a one-stop destination that offers the best CCTV camera cables at competitive prices. There is no dearth of the types of CCTV cables available on the e-commerce portal with top brands. You can get phenomenal discounts across a wide array of products and you can be sure to find all the products you want at the cheapest prices online on Moglix. You also have an option to buy other wires and cables like low tension cables, high tension cables, co-axial cables, computer cables, and many more at the best price.

CCTV Cables - Price Range

CCTV CablesMin PriceMax Price
CP Plus CCTV Cables₹1360₹3148
D-Link CCTV Cables₹1382₹3150
Usewell CCTV Cables₹319₹5253
Swadeshi CCTV Cables₹1485₹1485
This data was last updated on 10/6/22.