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Prevent Short Circuits and Power Leakages with Reliable Wires and Cables

In the electrical industry, wires and cables play an indispensable role. With today's steady and rapid growth, everything across the world is being centralized. The globalization era is crowded with telephone lines, cable TV, electricity, data connectivity, security alarm systems, and most importantly, internet connections. The wires and cables are essentially put into use everywhere from companies, houses, offices, theatres, and marketplaces. To prevent accidents, well-structured and proper quality wires and cables must be used. This applies to wireless and satellite technology for power transmission and distribution.

So the first and foremost thing we need is a basic understanding of wires and cables. A single electrical conductor is known as a wire, whereas a collection of sheathed wires is called a cable. To sum up, the cable is a group of more than one conductor, and wire is a conductor component.

Various Types of Wires and Cables

Low tension cables: Low tension cable is generally used to transmit low voltage below 1.1 kV. Its construction is kept regular, and there is no issue of particular electrostatic stress.

High tension cables: For significant-high transmissions, high tension cables are used. This is generally used to prevent contact with living beings. But most importantly, they have to be controlled and monitored since transmissions are more than 1.1 kV.

CCTV cables: The cables used in CCTV are aptly designed and have high-quality video signals. There are two main types of CCTV cables, i.e. Multi-Mode Fibre and Single-Mode Fibre.

Communication and network cables: This type of electric cable is used for sending information signals. These are mostly found as data & ethernet, coaxial, twisted pairs and fibre optic.

Submersible cables: These submersible cables give a robust underwater performance. They are used widely across many industries and connect potable water and low voltage electric motor equipment.

Mounting and Cable Accessories: Cable accessories are extra pieces that are utilised with cables in various applications. Duct seals, dismissals, couplings, and splices are cable accessories used to insulate and seal the cable against its surroundings. Camera boxes and other visual components can be mounted directly to the equipment using mounting accessories. The adapter plate is attached to a T-Slot template or any pierced or drilled hole with a gap of 25 / 50mm.

Solar cables: A solar cable is an interconnecting wire used to produce photovoltaic electricity. Solar cables link solar boards and other photovoltaic device electronic systems. Solar cables are built to be UV & weatherproof. You may use them in a wide variety of temperatures.

Coaxial Cables: A coaxial cable is a copper cable mainly designed with a metallic shield & other elements to prevent signal interference. Cable TV providers typically utilise it to link their satellite antenna installations to consumer businesses and homes.

Telephone Cables: Telephone cable refers to the interior, exterior, and internal/external cables designed to connect telephone gear. You can also use telephone cables for other purposes in some instances.

Consider the Following Factors while Selecting the Best Wires and Cables

Quality of conducting material: This is an essential factor since, generally, two types of wires are used- aluminum and copper. But an electrolytic green copper is said to be the best in conduct. The sizes and the insulation materials of the cables have to be considered. But the most widely used line is made of aluminium since it is inexpensive when compared to copper. Though, this is not widely recommended due to its low conductivity and higher resistance.

Insulation: This insulation factor is used because it makes the material safe for installation. The insulation material that is to be used should always be flame retardant grade polyvinyl chloride( PVC). For sheathing both R and non-FR grade PVC, cable insulation can be done by using FR PVC.

Flexibility: These conductor wires with flexibility are widely available in the market. Flexible conductors are a vital factor because they have annealed conductors higher in number when compared to solid wires. This will provide a great extent of flexibility.

Reliable manufacturers and sellers: It is imperative to take manufacturer and product details into consideration. This is in accordance with the seller and standard credibility. When there are many companies, it is vital to select the one that meets the standards and your requirements.

The Different Brands that Sell Wires and Cables

Havells wires and cables: Havells is an Indian electrical equipment company based in Noida, Delhi, that provides wires and cables of utmost quality and offers good insulation. The lines are also heat resistant and flexible.

KEI wires and cables: KEI is an Indian company established in 1968 which provides best-in-class materials for wires and cables. They provide low tension and high tension cables along with stainless steel wires and control and instrumentation cables.

Rhino wires and cables: Rhino cables deal with wire rods, lines and conductors. It is a well-known product of the company Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd. The specialty of this is that it is made with German technology.

Polycab Wires and cables: Polycab wires and cables are India's leading manufacturers. There are also many allied products of the company. These are economically friendly insulated copper cables. It can be used for both domestic and industrial connections.

Dowell wires and cables: Dowell is an Indian company considered to be the pioneer and market leader. With its experience in terminal technology, it provides the best quality wires and cables.

BCH wires and cables: BCH wires and cables is an Indian company based out of Hyderabad, which is considered the best manufacturer of wires and cables.

Buy the Best Wires and Cables from Moglix

Every day the use of wires and cables is skyrocketing. So, when it comes to wires and cables, it is very important to choose the brand that offers materials of superior quality and is affordable to everyone. Place your orders for wires and cables from moglix. You can use any payment mode that you feel is convenient for you. Enjoy and have the best shopping experience at Moglix at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wires & Cables

How do you fix a short circuit in a cable?

Find the precise spot where the short circuit occurred in the electrical system. To replace the outdated and broken wire, make a new one. The ends of the new wires should be de-insulated before soldering them to the existing wires. Make sure the cables are securely attached, then verify the installation by turning on the circuit breaker.

How are wires and cables damaged?

The sheathing material may deteriorate for a number of causes, including extreme heat or cold, chemicals, environmental factors, weather, and sheath abrasion. In the end, all of these circumstances may result in electrical failure since the sheathing no longer adequately shields the insulated cores, as it was intended.

Wires & Cables - Price Range

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Coaxial Cables₹839₹23096
Communication & Networking Cables₹7226₹18092
Solar Cables₹6474₹6474
Telephone Cables₹569₹18064
Belden Wires & Cables₹3313₹162568
D-Link Wires & Cables₹299₹6300
CP Plus Wires & Cables₹1345₹8314
MBro Wires & Cables₹437₹3655
This data was last updated on 1/30/23.