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Purchase the Best Switches Online at Affordable Prices

Switches control whether electricity can flow through the electric switch or not. Basic manual electromechanical switches are the most prevalent type of electric power switch. Electricity cannot flow when the switch is open because the electrical contacts are not in contact. All electrical operations are carried out using electrical switches. Without a switch, every piece of electrical equipment we use every day, from a fan to a light bulb, is worthless! A switch's purpose is to manually or automatically interrupt or restore connectivity in an electrical circuit. Electric switches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their operation is based on an ON/OFF switch mechanism. There are various sorts of switches designed for various applications, ranging from wall switches to modular touch switches. Shop for good quality, electric switch buttons at Moglix from various trust-worthy brands such as Legrand, Anchor, Crabtree, Gold medal, and so many more.


Range of Power Switches you can Choose From for your Place

Single-Pole Switch: Single-pole electrical switches, often known as toggle switches, are the most typical kind of switches. One fixture can be controlled by a single-pole switch from a single place. The simplest switches to install, operate, and replace are these ones.


Double-Pole Switch: Electric double-pole switches are used to control two fixtures without the need for additional box installation. Actually, it is comparable to individual single-pole switches that are mechanically controlled by the same button. These switches are also simple to install, use, and swap out.


Three-Way Switch: A three-way switch lets you to operate a single fixture from two distinct places. These switches are frequently used to easily access the fixture in stairwells, hallways, and big rooms. These switches are simple to use but a little difficult to install.


Four-Way Switch: One fixture can be controlled from three distinct locations using a four-way switch. These switches are typically utilised in large rooms or hallways where it is necessary to have easy access to turn on and off light fixtures. In a 4-way circuit, a 4-way switch must be combined with two 3-way switches. Installing these switches is pretty difficult.


Multi-Location Switch: As its name implies, a multi-location switch allows for the control of a single fixture from three or more places. Common locations for these switches include corridors, stairwells, and other big areas where having numerous controls improves safety and convenience. Installing these switches is pretty difficult.


Bell Switch: In order to operate doorbells in homes and offices, bell switches are simply simple switches. A bell switch with an indication not only makes it simple to reach the switch in complete darkness, but also enables the user to identify whether or not there is power current. These switches are simple to install and use.


Tips to Remember Before Buying Branded Switches

Switch Type: The sort of switch you desire for your house must be decided upon first. You could choose from traditional and modular designs depending on your choice. As conventional switches are gradually being replaced, modular switches are the best choice.


Current Rating: Identify your needs and intended uses before purchasing a switch. There are several categories, including:


High-intensity lighting, low-power equipment like a TV or refrigerator, and fans and lights each need 6A/10A 16A/20A.


Geysers and air conditioners require either 25A or 32A to operate.


Safety: Ensure that the switches are made of materials that are fire resistant. Sockets must be closed to prevent minors from unintentionally coming into contact with electrical electricity. To verify this, look for an authentic ISI mark on the switch.


Durability: Superior modular switches are proven to endure longer than inferior ones. Most switches can last a lifetime because they have a lifespan of over 2,00,000 clicks


Ease of use: Ergonomic switches that are easier to turn on and off and produce less noise are always desired.


Take a Look at Various Brands Selling High-Quality Electric Switch Buttons

Legrand SwitchesLegrand switches are creatively created to enhance your walls and last a long time while providing great performance. The greatest technology is combined with refined engineering to provide top-notch quality, dependability, and longevity. Legrand offers the greatest modular switches for usage in the home, workplace, and industry, regardless of their performance or design.


Anchor SwitchesThe Anchor provides easy front loading and removal, and the gentle action switches rarely produce any noise while turning on and off. The nicest feature about the mounting is that you may choose between horizontal and vertical positioning. You have the option to install switchboards however you like using Anchor. Its straightforward yet attractive style is unquestionably suitable for any area.


Crabtree SwitchesCrabtree provides a wide selection of switches that are perfect for houses and almost eliminate the risk of electrical harm or damage. With cutting-edge features like natural materials, weatherproof sockets, and even cutting-edge dimming switches, the modular product range includes the best electrical switches in India and plays crucial roles in facilitating better control, protection, and smooth functionality of your home environment.


Goldmedal SwitchesGoldmedal switches can be used anywhere, including homes, workplaces, showrooms, recording studios, and other professional settings. Goldmedal is a reputable supplier of switches. Each Goldmedal Switch is made using premium components and modern manufacturing processes. The supplies are bought from the most reputable and authorised vendors following a thorough market analysis. 


We also offer various electric switch buttons from reputed brands like Oreva, HPL, Socomec,Cornetto, Cona, Wipro, Havells, and others.


Buy Durable Electric Switches at Wholesale Prices

To satisfy customer expectations, Moglix works hard to provide top-tier, dependable, and electric switches. Moglix ensures that only the best electric switch buttons are transported and that they adhere to safety regulations before they are delivered to the consumer. There are enticing special offers and discounts on bulk purchases. In order to distinguish ourselves from other online retailers selling the same products, we keep track of consumer concerns and work to address them as soon as possible. The best switches from the top brands are offered here at economical costs. To benefit from wholesale costs and branded power switches, buy now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Switches

What are 1 way and 2 way switches?

1 way switches are light switches that are '1 way,' which implies they just have an on/off switch. This is the most basic sort of switch available. A single light is controlled by a single switch (or lighting circuit). Two-way switches indicate that another switch controls the same light.

Why is it not safe to touch switches with wet hands?

This is due to the fact that when we wash our hands with tap water, which contains a high concentration of salt and ions, this would be transferred to our hands. When we touch electrical appliances with wet hands, an electric current flows from the item to our hands, potentially causing an electric shock.

How do you know which wire is positive and negative on a light switch?

If you have a wire with the same colour on both sides, which is usually copper, the strand with the grooved texture is the negative wire. Run your fingertips down the wire to see which side contains the ribbing. Feel the other wire, which is smooth. This is your positive wire.

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