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Extension Boards

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Buy Reliable & Long-Lasting Power Extension Boards at Reasonable Prices

A power extension board is basically a multi-socket board that lets you input multiple plugs at once. The extension board takes the power input from a primary socket and diverts it into multiple sockets to increase the number of ports for the user. Moreover, it is a very common device used in almost every house. It helps a lot when you want to use different devices at once. It is connected with a wire that helps you place it far from the primary socket at the same time.


There are different types and variants available in the category of power socket extension boards, along with different specifications and features as well. Additionally, these extension boards are easily available anywhere and at any time you want. Furthermore, on Moglix, you can buy these high-end extension boards from various top-selling and well-known brands, such as Phillips, Bajaj, Surya, etc. along with great offers and discounts.


Different Types of Power Extension Boards Available to Buy Online

2-Way Extension Board: A 2-way extension board is a power extension board that supplies the power from a single socket to two similar sockets. This type of extension board is one of the most-selling extension boards in the market. People use these extension boards for using two devices at once, which are operated through alternate currents.


3-Way Extension Board: A 3-way extension board is a power extension board used for easily accessing multiple devices at once. These devices can be accessed from a distance from the primary power socket. Moreover, these type of extension boards is also known as surge protectors. You can buy these extension sockets for increasing the length of the wires used in different electrical applications.


Single-Socket Extension Board: A single-socket extension board is used when the primary power source is far away from the place of action. Moreover, with the help of this extension board, you can easily access the power socket to a limited distance. However, there are different wire length options available to choose from when buying a power extension board or a surge protector at the same time.


Multi-Socket Extension Boards: These multi-socket extension boards are also one of the best-selling extension boards preferred by buyers. This type of extension board is offered with multiple sockets at the same time. You can use many devices at once with this type of power extension board.


Rectangular-Shaped Extension Boards: The rectangular-shaped extension boards are also available to buy online at our website. These extension boards are also offered with multiple sockets at the same time.


Round-Shaped Extension Boards: From a huge range of high-end extension boards available to buy, you also have these round-shaped extension boards at the same time. These extension boards are comprised of multiple sockets of different types, such as 2-pin, 3-pin, etc.


Numerous Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a Power Extension Board

Wire Length: The wire length is an essential factor to consider when you are buying an extension board. Therefore, you should always check the length of the wire provided with the board. There are various types of power extension boards available to buy online. However, all the extension boards are offered with different wire lengths. Additionally, you can choose the one that perfectly suits your need.


Build-Quality: Build quality of a product matters a lot when you are buying an electrical appliance or device. The better the build quality is, the better device performs. Moreover, this factor also plays an important role in the durability and life of the product. Additionally, there are various good brands available online at Moglix that sell the best quality and durable power extension boards, along with various other benefits at the same time.


Number of Sockets: There are different types of power extension boards available online to buy with a different number of sockets on offer. You can choose from various options and buy the one that perfectly complements your need. Furthermore, these sockets help you connect multiple devices at once and use them together when needed.


Warranty: Warranty is an essential factor to consider before buying a product, especially when you are shopping for an electrical appliance or device. Warranty provides you peace of mind and after-sales support from the brand. Various good brands are offering warranties with their quality extension boards and surge protectors online. Therefore, you can opt for the one that fulfills your need.


Type of Socket: Sockets offered in power extension boards are of different types and with different capabilities at the same time. Some sockets are made for using normal appliances, whereas, some are designed and made especially for heavy electrical appliances. In addition, these sockets are available in multiple pin options as well, such as 2-pin, 3-pin, power sockets, etc.


Top Brands Selling Best-Value Surge Protectors Online with Great Offers

EGK Extension Boards: EGK is a well-known and popular brand that is doing well in this segment, and is also one of the best-selling brands under the same category. Moreover, this brand serves the best possible quality to its customers so that they can use these extension boards with peace of mind and fulfill their needs at the same time.


Goldmedal Extension Boards: Gold medal is a brand that sells you the best quality extension boards that offer you proper safety and practicality at the same time. Moreover, this brand is one of the most recommended brands online. You can buy these extension boards in different models, colors, and shapes from this brand, along with the best prices on offer.


Anchor Extension Boards: Anchor is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to electronics and devices. This brand is one of the best-selling brands online as well as offline at the same time. You can trust Anchor for buying power extension boards as this brand has plenty of satisfied and happy customers throughout the nation.


Palfrey Extension Boards: The extension boards sold by Palfrey are made with good quality materials and are available with different options at the same time. You can buy these quality extension boards in multiple color options, along with different types of sockets. Additionally, there are multiple wire length options sold with Palfrey extension boards, so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.


Elegant Casa Extension Boards: Elegant Casa sells premium quality power extension boards and electric spike guards at the same time. Moreover, this brand is trusted by the customers as it sells these high-end devices and useful appliances at the most affordable prices as well. In addition, these extension boards are very essential for every house, people use them in various applications for multiple devices.


We offer a huge number of other renowned and best-selling brands as well in the category of power extension boards, such as Syska, Havells, Cona, HPL, and so many other brands as well.


Purchase Superior Quality Electric Spike Guards & Extension Boards Online at Moglix

Searching for a perfect power extension board that can solve all your socket issues at once? Then you are at the right place. Here, on Moglix, you get exactly what you look for. We have a huge range of high-end extension boards sold by the best-selling brands, along with great offers and attractive deals at the same time. Additionally, in this article, there is a lot of information for you that would surely help you choose the best option from our website. We offer an additional discount on bulk purchases that will make you happy for sure. Therefore, you can trust Moglix, just like plenty of other happy and satisfied customers.

Extension Boards - Price Range

Extension BoardsMin PriceMax Price
EGK Extension Boards₹176₹419
Goldmedal Extension Boards₹287₹790
Anchor Extension Boards₹293₹363
GM Extension Boards₹291₹1480
This data was last updated on 1/28/23.