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Switchboard Plates

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Safety from Electrical Hazards With Best Quality Switch Plate Covers

Preventing electrical hazards by covering switches and outlets is necessary for today's chaotic society. A switch plate cover is typically used to conceal exposed wire or cover electrical switches in gang boxes. They prevent accidental contact with wiring attached to an electrical switch, a vital safety feature. They come in a wide range of styles, shapes, colors, and materials, and they can add visual appeal to a room while also providing safety.

Electricity is one of the most important aspects of daily living. Even in the home, electricity is used for various tasks like turning on lights and fans, turning on refrigerators and air conditioners, and so on. However, as reliant as we are on electricity and its benefits, it is important to remember that, if not handled properly, electricity can damage expensive gadgets and even cause physical harm. Certain precautions and remedies must be taken to avoid such hazards. One of the most important strategies to ensure your loved ones' electrical safety is to use switch plate covers.

Various Types Of Switch Plate Covers Available In The Market

Switchplate covers have been divided into various categories based on the requirement of the customer's category. These covers are as follows.

Screwless Switch Plate: A screwless wall plate is contemporary, clean-looking, and simple to install. You instantly get a more raised, high-profile style with little effort when you go screwless. Another advantage of screwless cover plates is their inherent safety. When a youngster discovers screws, for example, they may become curious and play with them. A strong-willed toddler with a screwdriver might easily remove the wall plate in just a few minutes, exposing them to harmful electrical components. There's nothing attractive about a screwless switch plate, and there's no need to worry about accidental shocks.

Toggle Switch Plate: Toggle wall plates are required if you have a toggle-type switch. The apertures on the plate are relocated to one edge to avoid butting up against tile or cabinets that are too close to your electrical box. Flat Toggle Plates - These plates are shorter and only cover the electrical box. There isn't much else to say about it.

Cable Management Switch Plate: A sleek-looking entertainment centre is a major plus in any living room. Having an HGTV-inspired custom entertainment space is probably on everyone's wish list, but there's one minor stumbling block: ugly plugs and cords dangling from your TV. You can conceal such eyesores by using recessed receptacles and pass-through wall plates. For a smooth, seamless effect, mount either right behind your TV.

Media/Data/Phone Switch Plate: Most homes have data ports for the internet, phone, cable, and other devices. Screwless, decorator inserts, and regular wall plate versions are among the possibilities available.

Duplex Switch Plate: Instead of a single rectangular cutout, you'll find two separate, rounded holes for each outlet on a duplex receptacle.

Decorator/Standard Switch Plate: Decorator-style wall plates and devices are easily identifiable because each gang has a single rectangular cutout. This wall plate style is the most versatile, allowing you to add a variety of devices without having to purchase a new switch plate.

Conditions To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Switch Plate Cover

Safety comes first: When choosing the best color switches for your home, safety should always come first. Choosing ornamental switches appropriate for your needs is not the only consideration. Before purchasing a product, it is good to look at the safety ratings. Ignoring the same could have serious ramifications for homeowners.

Childproof: Electrical safety is a major worry in houses with toddlers. In comparison to traditional socket designs, modular switches provide increased safety. These switches have built-in retracing shutters and can shut off current flow automatically. Electrical fires are also reduced by using high-quality switches. When looking for switches and plugs for your home, keep your child's safety in mind.

Compatibility: Some switches aren't appropriate for use in electric switchboards. Each time, the dimensions and connection requirements are different. As a result, it's critical to double-check your home's switchboard compatibility. It's crucial to pick the right switch with dimensions and connections. Also, consider purchasing pre-built electric switchboards that match your home's style.

Design and colour: Many switch makers utilise fade-resistant colours. This has a big impact on house decor and atmosphere. Opt for well-known, dependable brands rather than new ones when buying electric switches.

Longevity: Modular switches are recognized to have a longer lifespan than standard switches, and this is a feature that all require. A longer life span safeguards the safety of those around you.

Top Brands Offering Good Quality Switch Plate Covers

Many brands provide us with a wide range of switch plate covers, but only a few offer you the premium quality of this product. This product carries a lot of aspects with it, and you would have to keep each one in mind to ensure protection. Some of these brands are as follows.

Havells India: Havells is a well-known brand for home appliances and supplies. The brand offers high-quality, long-lasting switch plate covers. It also features fashionable designs and colors.

Maini Precision Products: Another well-known home product brand is Maini Precision Products. The brand offers a variety of high-quality covers designed with safety in mind.

Bajaj Electricals: Bajaj Electricals are well-known for its unique designs and long-lasting quality. It is a well-known brand among its clients.

CG Power and Industrial Solutions: CG Power and Industrial Solutions is a well-known brand for high-quality, long-lasting household items and appliances. If you seek durability and safety, this brand is a fantastic choice.

Exide Industries: Exide Industries offers a diverse selection of switch plate covers, all of which are of superior quality.

Be it color, design, or durability, these brands have made their name in the market, and that's why they are known worldwide.

One-Stop-Shop For Switch Plate Covers: Moglix

Diverse varieties of switch plate covers are used for different purposes, but they all have in common longevity and good quality. Choose the best cover if you want a safe and long-lasting cover and protection. You can choose from a large assortment of switch plate covers and top brands at Moglix. Your orders will be delivered to your home in a timely and secure manner. We provide you with the highest quality products at competitive pricing and attractive deals, making it a one-stop shop for all your needs. After all, it is important to put safety over anything else.

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Legrand Switchboard Plates₹40₹9309
Havells Switchboard Plates₹22₹1834
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