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Flexicords for Easy and Clean Connection

Flexicords are nothing but extension cords with a plug on one end and one or multiple sockets on the other end. They are also called power extenders, an extension cord, extension lead, and drop cord. Most of the time, the placement of power source outlets is far from where you need your appliances to work. This is when these extension cords come to your rescue

As the name suggests, you can extend these chords by connecting their plug on one end to the power outlet main plug and then have its multiple sockets at the place where you need your devices to work. This makes it convenient to work at any location you choose to feel comfortable, even when the power outlet is not close by. This means you can access electricity even where a power socket is not available with these extension leads, and so these are called power extenders.

Supply Power with Power Extension Cords

When you have only one central power source outlet and multiple devices that need the power source to work, these power extension cords play a significant role in easing your trouble. There are various options available in the extension cables in color, length, thickness, and socket options. You can choose the one according to your requirement.

Variety of Options in Portable Extension Cord

As you all know that these extensions are small and compact in design, which makes them extremely helpful in terms of mobility. When you constantly need to move and adjust your working area or appliance placements, these cords are the best. These portable extension cords are lightweight and can be easily repositioned according to your need from one place to another effortlessly.

Each customer's requirement may be unique, and so are the available options. You have a wide range of available products with multiple sockets like 2 pin and 3 pin sockets, multiple 3 pin sockets, 3 pin sockets with USB ports, multiple sockets with individual switches, retractable cords, foldable cards, and many more.

Extension cord with the switch is popular now. There is a variety in this as well. Multiple sockets have a single power supply switch, or each socket has its individual power supply switch. If you have too many devices to connect at one spot, you can opt for these as you can keep the necessary socket power on or off as you want.

Benefits of Long Extension Cord

Long Extension Cord has a lot of benefits. It is helpful to make use of electricity when there is no main plug nearby. You can use more than one device at one spot with these multiple sockets' extension cords. They are portable and light in weight. They are user-friendly and have no extra installation process. They are safe as they are insulated well. You can retract the cables or fold them according to their design and place them away when not in use. As these are small in design, they do not need more storage space either.

Safety Measures with Long Extension Cord

These long extension cords or flex cords need to be used properly. The cords usually flow on a long line to reach your appliance. This may make anyone trip over it, and the cable can get pulled off the main plug socket or your device. This has to be carefully placed so that it will not block the path. Never put it on mats and carpets as a safety measure to avoid fire hazards.

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Flexicords - Price Range

FlexicordsMin PriceMax Price
Goldmedal Flexicords₹289₹731
Milltec Flexicords₹299₹465
Belkin Flexicords₹884₹1700
HPL Flexicords₹295₹874
This data was last updated on 12/10/22.