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Fan Regulators

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What are Fan Regulators?

A fan regulator is an important component of fans which is used for increasing or decreasing the speed of a fan as per needs of a user. At Moglix, we have come up with the newest range of fan regulators online to regard the ever changing requirements of our customers. The fan regulator models which we have on offer have been sourced from brands such as Anchor, Orpat, Havells, Cona, Crabtree, Standard and eBanny.

Different Types of Fan Regulators Online Available at Moglix

While surfing through our assortment of fan regulators, you’ll be presented with a vast range of models, stocked purposely to regard various needs of our customers. Some of our notable offerings are mentioned below-

Electric Fan Regulators - The electric fan regulator models were earlier used in the past in homes. An electric fan regulator is equipped with resistors which help in decreasing a ceiling fan’s voltage. The resistor heats up while decreasing the voltage. As a result, the electric fan regulator’s resistor heats up while decreasing the voltage. Therefore, electricity is saved by minimizing the fan speed and lost as heat in the electric fan regulator. An electric fan regulator is bulky in size. Therefore, electric fan regulator is not considered ideal for usage by home based users.

Electronic Fan Regulators - The electronic fan regulator models which we are offering as a part of our collection are smaller in comparison to electric regulators. They operate using capacitors rather than resistors for decreasing the voltage. These capacitors regulate fan speed by regulating power supply’s waveform. They do not get heated up and can help users save a substantial amount of electricity when the fan operates at lower speeds.

When the speed is higher, the electricity consumption of these fans is same with both the regulators. The electronic fan regulators we have on offer can help you save up to 40% at speed 1 and around 30% at speed 2 as compared to electric regulators.

Our electronic fan regulator models are made from high-quality plastic. They are modular and are of flush mounting type. They make no humming sound at any fan speed and boast of a 360 degree rotation. These electronic fan regulators can be segregated into two broad types I.e. movable and step type.

The movable types of fan regulators operate smoothly and do not have a stepped number. This type of electronic fan regulator is considerably better as compared to electronic ones. However, they can still cause a bit of distortion in motor movement which results in the motor being heating up.

The step type of electronic fan regulator on the other hand has numbered speed steps (normally 1 to 5). These fan regulators offer lower distortion to the motor’s movement and therefore cause less heating. This type of electronic fan regulator is of the most efficient type.

Ceiling Fan Regulators - The ceiling fan regulator models which we are offering have a 360 degree rotation. They have a one off and a 4 step rotary switch for controlling fan speed. The ceiling fan regulator models that are available online on our site have a wide and flat switch knob which makes them easy to operate. Developed by using FR grade polycarbonate plastic, each ceiling fans has high impact resistance. They are shock proof and are UV rays stabilized.

These regulators are highly efficient and energy conservative. The ceiling fan regulator we have on offer includes models which have no radio interference. They have low noise levels; step control and come with FR and UV stabilized housing.

These regulators are highly reliable and can be tested for 5000 electrical operating cycles. The ceiling fan regulator online range which we are offering is equipped with soft heating type capacitors.

Remote Control Fan Regulators - The remote control fan regulator models which are available at Moglix can be fitted in plates of any size. They occupy a two model space and can help users save a substantial amount of electricity. The remote control fan regulator collections we have on offer have models which are easy to install and operate.

Owing to their modular construction, they can be installed without making any changes to the existing wiring. They are shock proof and have sparkles switching. This type of a remote control fan regulator can be utilized in halls, bed rooms and kitchens. They are also suitable for usage in conference rooms or auditorium, shops, restaurants, hospitals etc. Moreover, with a remote control, they are actually intriguing to use.

The major advantage of a remote control fan regulator is that it prevents the risks of electric shocks. They are highly cost effective and can reduce unnecessary wiring using 2 way switches. Our remote control fan regulator range is highly beneficial for people who are either old aged or physically challenged.

Different Brands of Fan Regulators Online Offered By Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in a wide range of fan regulators online. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Anchor Fan Regulators - The Anchor fan regulator models which we have on offer are compliant with existing EME specifications. They are made from high-quality materials such as urea. They are suitable for usage in households, shops, offices, restaurants, hospitals etc. We have devised the Anchor ceiling fan regulator price keeping in mind the spending power of our buyers. You can have a clear idea of the Anchor regulator fan price once you go through the vast collection which we have on offer.

Cona Fan Regulators - The Cona fan regulator collection which we are offering is made from high-quality thermoplastic material. They have a heavy gauge, are power saving and are highly durable. The Cona fan regulators offered online operate smoothly and have a smooth, glossy surface. They have a long life cycle as well.

Legrand Fan Regulators - The Legrand fan regulators available online that is available at Moglix are made from polycarbonate material. They have a clear, uncluttered modular design with greater space for wiring. Therefore Legrand fan regulator can be used for a long period of time.

Crompton Greaves Fan Regulators - The Crompton Greaves fan regulator collection offered online are made from the best quality of plastic. They have a rectangular shape and are a step type of button regulators. The Crompton Greaves fan regulator price has been kept within an affordable range. Therefore, buyers can be bought by users without having to go out of their budget.

Havells Fan Regulators - The online range of Havells Spark fan regulators which are available as a part of this category have a sleek design. They have a glossy finish. The Havells Orion fan regulators offered online can be operated in a smooth manner. Havells Pacer fan regulator price has been kept within a wide range. Therefore, buyers can select the fan regulators of their choice without having to go out of their budget.

Bajaj Fan Regulators - The Bajaj fan regulator offered online are modular as well as flush mounted. They are hum free also. Made from high-quality plastic, they have a rectangular shape. The Bajaj fan regulator price has been devised keeping in touch with the existing market price range. Therefore, buyers from all walks of life can buy the fan speed regulator of their choice within their means.

Philips Fan Regulators - The Philips fan regulators available online have no radio frequency interference. The good ventilation of the fan speed regulator ensures that there is no heat generation. They have an energy conservative design and have no humming noise. The Philips fan regular price has been kept within a wide range. A close look at the fan speed regulator price will help buyers to choose the models of their choice.

Why Buy Fan Regulators Online from Moglix?

The online fan regulator collection which is available at Moglix has been sourced from leading brands in the market. All of our products are subjected to a multi-point check before being dispatched to your doorstep, entrusting them with unparalleled reliability. To ensure that buyers do not face a tough time buy fan regulator switch models of their choice, we have enriched our offerings by including key specifications, which will make comparison easy and hassle free. Therefore, you can buy any fan regulator switch you want to easily. Come; choose from the assortment of fan regulator switch models offered online by Moglix!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fan Regulators

Why does a ceiling fan regulator go faulty often?

An equal amount of power is consumed at all speed levels. A regulator uses a resistor to operate which often burns out due to access usage, resulting in faulty regulators. This problem can be resolved by using good quality, high-grade regulators.

Fan Regulators - Price Range

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