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A control relay is better described as a device that assures that all connections in a specific circuit may be effectively controlled also when situations within the same or related circuits change. Contactors are devices that disrupt an established electrical circuit in a typical setting. Contactors and relays are both electronically charged gadgets used to maintain and monitor the efficiency of electrical circuits. The fact that electric contactors & relays work on the same principle distinguishes them. To put it simply, both of the above devices comprise solenoid valves that are subsequently charged by electricity in order to adjust and regulate the electrical demand.


Relays are devices that hold the terminals of an electronic circuit in response to a change in parameters or circumstances within the same or another linked circuit. In contrast, side contactors are employed to repeatedly break or create contacts in an electrical system under varying situations.


Various Types of Relays and Contactors

Contactors: A contactor is just an electronic appliance used to turn an electrical circuit on or off. Contactors are small and easy to install in the field. So, when the contactor coil is powered, these connections are generally open and deliver operational energy to the load. Contactors are often used to regulate electric motors.


Thermal Overload Relay: Thermal overload relays seem to be low-cost electromechanical main-circuit protection devices. They provide dependable motor safety in the case of overloading or phase failure. The thermal overload relays with contactors can give a compact beginning solution. The thermal overload relay, used in motor starting circuits, prevents the engine from drawing excess current, damaging the motor insulation.


Smart Relays: Smart Relays are implanted devices you could connect to any electrical system to provide remote wireless operation of everything else attached to that channel. Smart relays are intended to make the electrical cabling of innovative solutions easier. The smart relay is straightforward to set up. Its adaptability and superior performance enable customers to save both money and time.


Overload Relays: Overload relays protect motors by monitoring power in the motor system and closing it whenever an electric overload or a phase breakdown is detected. Because relays are far less expensive than motors, relays provide a cost-effective method of safeguarding motors. When a high-current scenario occurs due to an earth fault, short-circuits, phase breakdown, or mechanical jamming, overload relays turn off electricity to the motor.


Protective Relays:  A protective relay seems to be switchgear equipment that identifies a failure and activates the circuit breakers to separate the faulty component from the remainder of the circuit. They are small, self-contained devices capable of detecting unusual circumstances. Protective relays recognize abnormal situations in electronic systems by continuously monitoring electrical values that vary under fault and normal conditions.


Plug-In Relays:  To maintain electrical equipment working smoothly, plug-in relays are utilized when machinery or motor must manage a circuit utilizing a lower-power output or when numerous circuits should be managed using a single uniform output. Commonly, plug-in relays are utilized in control and automation systems.


Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing Relays and Contactors 

Number of Poles: Electrical contactors are available in three and four-pole configurations. It would be best if you chose the contractor based on the frequency of phases in the load. For example, if you wish to operate a three-phase motor, you need to use a three-pole contactor. When you want to detach the neutral, go with the four-pole version.


Category of Application: Another significant selection element is load characteristics. First and foremost, you should understand the contactor's application and pick the appropriate product based on the load characteristics.


Power and Current: You must select a proper contactor based on the load's power or current. When you choose a tiny contactor, your contacts will wear & stay. This has disastrous implications.


Coil Voltage: It is the voltage used to regulate the coil. The magnetic field affects the location of the primary contacts whenever the coil is powered. The coil could burn if too much electricity is supplied to it. When less voltage is provided to the coils, the power connections perform a constant vibratory pull-and-drop in a relatively short period. That is why you must give the coils the proper control voltage.


Brands Offering Relays and Contactors

L&T:  L&T offers unmatched strengths across Tech, Engineering, Architecture, and Production. It retains dominance in all its primary business lines, including over 80 years of a powerful, customer-focused strategy and a constant drive for world-class performance.


Legrand: Legrand seems to be a global leader in the digital and electrical building infrastructure industries. They have been an Indian security industry pioneer for over two decades. You use the worldwide experience to tailor services locally, providing end-to-end services across divisions and sectors ranging from commercial and residential to hotel and industrial. To complement their core offers of circuit breakers & distribution boards, Legrand has gradually established product lines for wiring gadgets, door entry, cable management, & structured cabling.


Schneider:  Schneider Electric, originally Schneider Electric SA, is a firm that produces energy control and automation technology and services for the distribution of electricity. Control and automation devices; low voltage equipment and devices; solar & power storage; moderate voltage distributing and network management; and vital energy, cooling, and racking are among its primary items.


C&S:  C&S Electric Limited is an Indian electronic and electrical equipment company. It is India's leading exporter of commercial switchgear and power panel board equipment. Electricity production, distribution and distribution, protection, and ultimate consumption are all uses for C&S Electric devices.


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