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Buy Stabilizers Online to Regulate Voltage of Electric Appliances


In our power lines, voltage fluctuations are common and relatively high. They cause severe damage to your electrical appliances, such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other valuable equipment, even leaving them permanently damaged. An adequately chosen automatic voltage stabilizer can help you escape this situation. It prevents unwanted voltage fluctuations from entering your electrical appliances, making their operation trouble-free.

Stabilizers are static devices that stabilize utility voltage before it is fed to connected equipment. It detects voltage fluctuations in the utility and regulates it internally to deliver a consistent output voltage range. If your utility voltage is low, your voltage stabilizer detects it, boosts it to the required voltage level, then feeds it to the connected equipment, allowing it to function normally. This occurs when a high voltage appears in the utility line.

We at Moglix provide excellent stabilizers that comply with legal safety standards. Choose from trustworthy brands such as V-Guard, Microtek, Bluebird, Rahul, Pulstron, and many more.


Various Characteristics to Look at Before Buying a Voltage Stabilizer

Stabilizer Operating Range - Every voltage stabilizer has a minimum and maximum input voltage that it can use to stabilize the output voltage perfectly. Assume the input voltage range of a voltage stabilizer is 150 V to 250 V. If the voltage in your home falls below 150 volts or exceeds 250 volts, the stabilizer will cut off the power supply to the machine. However, if the voltage is within the stabilizer's operating range, it will stabilize it.

The mechanism for Mounting - When purchasing an ac stabilizer, remember how you intend to mount it. Because a voltage stabilizer uses electricity, risks such as damage or getting wet always exist when it is placed on the ground. Furthermore, such risks exist when it is placed in an unsafe location. As a result, it is favored to pick a voltage stabilizer that can be wall-mounted or set at a higher level. Such voltage stabilizers can protect your family from electric shock while remaining free of damage.

Precision - Precision is essential for feeding appropriate input voltage to your appliance and maintaining a steady input supply. Digital voltage stabilizers are more precise than analog voltage stabilizers. Many of the most recent models have been digitized.


They are not just digitized, but they can also change to fit a variety of gadgets. 


So, all you have to do to make the stabilizer operate is move it from one device to another. 


Additionally, most installed digital voltage stabilizers will connect to and adapt to generators.

Usage of Electricity - Power consumption is one of the factors that buyers of home voltage stabilizers should be most concerned about. 


It would be best to determine how much power it will use before buying. 


The effectiveness of voltage stabilizers determines how much electricity they use.

Brands Selling High-Quality Stabilizers

V-Guard Stabilizers - One of the well-known Indian brands that have been providing electronic equipment for years is V-Guard. It has established a reputation for expertise in producing and selling premium stabilizers. Every Indian home has products from the V-guard brand, which is more than simply a name. The company offers a wide selection of voltage stabilizers based on your needs and requirements.

Microtek Stabilizers - The most popular and frequently recognized brand in India is Microtek, and they recently unveiled a line of automatic voltage stabilizers that use less energy. All of the voltage stabilizers made by Microtek are based on power-saving technology. They all have unique features that allow them to provide excellent performance, increased dependability, and electricity savings.


Bluebird Stabilizers - Bluebird, India's most popular and reliable stabilizer brand, offers the best technology. Features such as automatic restart, turn-on delay, time-delay system, and high & low voltage cut-off offer adequate and dependable protection for electronic appliances against voltage issues. In every way, Bluebird stabilizers are unparalleled. For various applications, such as air conditioning, LCD TVs, music systems, refrigerators, deep freezers, washing machines, microwave ovens, treadmills, and mainline stabilizers for all-purpose use, Bluebird stabilizers are available in a variety of capacities.

Rahul Stabilizers - To help you choose the ideal voltage stabilizer for your appliance, Rahul offers a wide range of options. It may shield equipment from voltage surges and spikes and bigger household appliances like televisions, air conditioners, and music systems. Major home appliances can use a variety of adjustable stabilizers from Rahul to meet their various needs. 

Pulstron Stabilizers - Pulstorn provides products manufactured to improve quality of life and is famously known for its durable stabilizers. For various appliances, including air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, and mainline, Pulstron supplies a comprehensive selection of stabilizers.

All of the home-use voltage stabilizers made by Pulstron are designed to withstand significant voltage swings. Every stabilizer promises to give your appliances the highest level of safety.


Shop for Automatic Voltage Stabilizers at Wholesale Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions about Stabilizers

Which voltage stabilizer is best for refrigerator?

The right stabilizer for a refrigerator can be selected by understanding the capacity of the refrigerator. Some stabilizers support refrigerator of up to 300L and there are others which support 300L to 600L refrigerators. You can choose a stabilizer according to the capacity of your refrigerator.

Do LED televisions need a voltage stabilizer?

Yes, it is always recommended to use stabilizers for any valuable appliances.

Can I connect a stabilizer to an inverter?

You don't need stabilizers for home inverters unless you face extreme voltage fluctuation frequently. Home inverters generally have in built stabilizers.

What is an automatic stabilizer?

An automatic stabilizer automatically adjusts the voltage levels in the required range.

Which stabilizer is best for home?

Good stabilizer should have following attributes: Should be Automatic, voltage range to be covered according to input supply, cut off and overload protection. In the end, it is the usage and need that helps in selecting the right stabilizer