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Current Transformers – An Overview

Current transformers can be termed as a special kind of transformers. They are used for the measurement of currents. As you might have figured out yourself, these transformers are widely used in conjunction with relevant testing instruments, for instance ammeters & control relays. Although, for measuring currents standard devices such as ammeters are used; however when the AC current exceeds the safe measuring value; a current transformer is used, as an ammeter might melt in the measuring process. The modus-operandi of a current transformer is quite simple, the primary winding is connected in series with the line in which the current is to be measured, and the secondary winding is connected to a control device.

Various Uses of Current Transformers

In addition to measuring currents of high magnitudes, current transformers have a plethora of applications, some of which are listed below:

  • Current transformers provide insulation to high voltage circuits, from measuring circuits, in order to prevent them from melting.

  • Sans a current transformer, it is practically difficult to measure high currents with lower range ammeters.

Advantages of Using Current Transformers

Power loss in current transformers is relatively low, when pitched against shunts or multipliers. If you are looking for a more feasible way to measure or test currents in heavy circuits, you can use tong testers along with current transformers. A current transformer is the only equipment which is suitable to be clubbed with such tongs, making it an extremely reliable and hassle free current measuring device.

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Current Transformers - Price Range

Current TransformersMin PriceMax Price
Hager Current Transformers₹1952₹2491
This data was last updated on 10/4/22.