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Purchase the Best Push Buttons Online at Affordable Prices

A push button switch operates a machine or other type of process. They are common in the home and workplace and are also known as pushbutton switches or push switches. The buttons are typically made of plastic or metal, and the push button can be flat or ergonomically designed. Numerous button switch models are available, with either momentary or latching action. Push button switches have numerous applications and are commonly found in calculators, push button phones, and a variety of domestic and workplace appliances. Such switches have the ability to turn the device on or off. Alternatively, as with a calculator, they may cause a specific type of action. We at Moglix provide durable push button switches from top brands such as Legrand, L&T, Siemens, Schneider, and many more.


Types of Push Button Switches to Choose From According to Need

Single Pole Push Buttons: A single-pole switch has only one input and one output; this is typically the "on" and "off" states in one button. It could be either wired or closed. These single-pole switches are among the most basic switches.


Single Throw Push Buttons: To begin, a throw refers to the various positions in which a switch can be activated. A single throw switch can only close a circuit in one location, which means it can only be started in one direction and with one position.


Double Pole Push Buttons: A double-pole switch is named "double" because it has two (2) connections to separate circuits. Double-pole switches, in other words, are two switches in one.


Double Throw Push Buttons: A double-throw button can be in two positions as well as neutral. A double-throw switch, for example, can close a circuit in two positions and even have a neutral, preventing the circuits from being activated.


Tips to Remember Before Buying Branded Push Switches

Size or diameter: The first thing to consider is the size or diameter of the button you want. A 22mm pushbutton is commonly used in light industrial applications such as machine construction, panels, material handling, and conveyors. A 30mm pushbutton is typically better suited for heavy industrial applications such as oil and gas, water/wastewater, industrial equipment, and chemical plants.


Style: The following consideration is style. Push button families are available in a variety of styles and can be chosen to complement the design of your machine. They are typically equipped with either silver or black bezels, which surround the operator. Another design option is flush mount, which allows the button to blend into the machine's surface, or surface mount, which allows the button to stand off the machine's surface.


Brand: The brand is an important consideration because it influences the product's quality. When you buy from a well-known and reputable brand, you can be confident that you will receive high-quality and efficient customer service if the need arises.


Quality: The quality of the button switches is possibly an important factor to consider. It is always best to choose a high-quality product. Its performance and longevity will be determined by its quality. It will also determine the price. You can verify the machine's quality by reading its specifications and learning about its capabilities. 


Durable: Make certain that the push button switches you purchase are long-lasting and have a good reputation. Because purchasing such machines is a one-time event, consider and research whether your investment is worthwhile.


Cost: The cost of the equipment should also be considered. The brand also influences the price of push switches. Furthermore, the value of a machine is determined by its type. They differ in terms of materials and operation methods.


Take a Look at Various Brands Selling High-Quality Push Button Switches

Schneider Push ButtonsPush buttons from Schneider are simple, safe, and simple to use. After conducting extensive market research, they purchase their products from the most reputable and authorised suppliers. Schneider push button switches are trustworthy and efficient. Schneider guarantees superior quality as a result of its extensive industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and unique product designs. They ensure high-quality equipment at reasonable prices.


L&T Push ButtonsAll L&T push buttons are made of high-quality materials and meet all industry standards. As a result, they are well-known and widely used by a large number of people. L&T push switches are made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. The items are obtained from the most reliable and authorised sources.


Siemens Push ButtonsSiemens push buttons are easy to use. Following a thorough market analysis, the most dependable and well-known vendors are selected to supply the components needed to manufacture Siemens button switches. They provide excellent customer service to their consumers, this makes them a renowned brand of push button switches.


Legrand Push ButtonsLegrand products are well-known in the industry because of their high quality. They are dedicated to providing their customers with only the best push button switches. They come in a variety of styles, save money, and improve the working environment. The materials used are of high quality, durable and efficient. They go through quality check and are then used to make Legrand push button switches.


Purchase Long-Lasting Push Button Switches at Wholesale Prices from Moglix

Pushbuttons are widely used in traffic signals and important vehicles on a daily basis. With this in mind, Moglix introduces a new line of pushbuttons to improve the safety of both drivers and pedestrians on the road. The button stations in this range are IP-55 & IP-65 rated and come in two varieties: dependent push button stations and local push button stations. The switches category's non-illuminated pushbuttons have a key to release feature and are best suited for use in vehicles such as ambulances and police jeeps.


Moglix is aware of the significant role that pushbuttons play in people's daily lives. As a result, we purchased equipment from well-known brands such as Schneider, SG Controls, Switch Control India, and others. We pay close attention to the sourcing process to ensure that the quality of products acquired meets customer expectations. Check out the new deals at Moglix for a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience.

Pushbuttons - Price Range

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Schneider Pushbuttons₹122₹1445
Siemens Pushbuttons₹95₹693
L&T Pushbuttons₹73₹145
Legrand Pushbuttons₹518₹6883
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