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Buy Electrical Distribution Boards With Ease

Electrical distribution boards are crucial for providing electricity to the residents of large corporate and residential buildings. The electrical distribution board is the primary source of electrical power in most residential structures. Electricity-providing cables in electrical distribution boards branch out to secondary circuits that cross circuit breakers and link different electrical equipment.


The electrical distribution board ensures correct power management across all circuits as it distributes electricity to secondary circuits. Additionally, they are the greatest stabilizer for the home and are useful in shielding electrical equipment from surges and spikes.


Variety Of Electrical DB Box Out In The Market

Standard Message Boards - Distribution boards are an important component of the circuitry in your house, workplace, or elsewhere. They perform a crucial function and must not be overlooked at any cost. As one of the most critical pieces of equipment, they ensure that current is appropriately routed to all devices, allowing them to work effectively. This also ensures that none of the devices is affected by overcurrents or short circuits. Branded Standard Boards may now be purchased online at reasonable costs.


Neutral links: Neutral links are metallic aluminum, copper, or brass bars that act as a circuit's electric termination. Neutral links are where neutral wires terminate in an electrical system. As wiring systems must normally include one working wire, one neutral wire, plus one grounded wire, neutral interconnections are an important part of proper wiring.


Modular Printed Circuit Boards: This product line is well-known for its high-quality construction and dependability. These boards are expandable and may be used both indoors and outdoors.


Distribution Boards for MCBs: Online, you can quickly purchase MCB Distribution Boards. Our online store has items from well-known brands such as ABB, B-Five, RC Bentex, Legrand, Anchor, Havells, Schneider, Cornetto, One World Electric, C&S, and many more.


Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Distribution Board

Fuse Circuit - The fuse is an essential component of any distribution board. A distribution board's fuse is crucial because it prevents overcurrents from flowing through your circuitry. The fuse automatically disconnects the main supply in the event of an overcurrent, protecting the appliances and any potential electrical hazards at your house or place of business.


Board Design - Electrical distribution board design and appearance can also be considered in addition to safety. Distribution boards no longer detract from your house or workplace's overall design and aesthetics. Today's large selection of DBs gives you the advantage as a customer if you're seeking a decent quality DB without sacrificing the design factor of your house.


Cost - When choosing your electrical distribution boards, it's important to consider whether or not their cost matches your budget.


Ease of Operation - If the electrical distribution board is difficult to operate, it is probably not your best option. It should have a straightforward installation process and enough room for wiring. The frame should rule out any installation-related errors. Properly fitted and user-friendly distribution boards ensure your electrical distribution system's longevity and safety.


Surroundings - Making the right choice for an electrical distribution board requires knowledge of the operational environment plus weather conditions that the circuit will be subjected to. Clarity on the enclosure's intended location is essential, especially when selecting the appropriate material.


Top Brands Selling Electrical Distribution Boards

L&T Distribution Boards: L&T Electrical & Automation provides Safe, Reliable, and Compact Primary Power Distribution Switchboards to satisfy the rising demand. These switchboards enable it to handle electric power distribution with greater safety and dependability.


C&S Distribution Boards: This company sells high-quality goods. It is a fully equipped DB with a busbar, earth linkages, neutral links, and interconnecting lines. For safety and protection, insulated or captive busbar or neutral linkages are used. PAN assembly is distinguished by its ample wire space.


Hager Distribution Boards: Hager Distribution Boards provide electrical DB box solutions for residential and commercial installations. It is an energy distribution specialist offering a full solution that is high quality, dependable, and safe.


Havells Distribution Boards: When it comes to appearance, the Havells distribution boards are attractive. They complement the furnishings of your homes and contribute to their attractiveness. The designed DBs, which come in various colors, serve two functions.


Why Choose Moglix for The Distribution Panel Online?

A distribution board, also known simply as a panelboard, electric panel, breaker panel, DB board, or DB box, is an electrical supply system component that splits any electric power source into subsidiary circuits. One of the most challenging tasks is purchasing electrical distribution boards. One of your options is to begin by comparing product pricing. It might be difficult to determine which is superior in local markets. It is simple to purchase cleaning supplies online. The majority of companies provide high-quality things at reasonable, competitive pricing.

Distribution Boards - Price Range

Distribution BoardsMin PriceMax Price
Modular Distribution Boards₹151₹62984
Standard Distribution Boards₹437₹39988
MCB Distribution Boards₹24₹104960
Bus Bar Box₹682₹64777
Havells Distribution Boards₹241₹136551
HPL Distribution Boards₹10₹104960
Legrand Distribution Boards₹44₹39988
Orient Distribution Boards₹84₹9547
Module - 12 Distribution Boards₹1760₹2372
Module - 16 Distribution Boards₹1983₹2828
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