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Surge Protection Devices

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Surround Your Home with the Safety of Surge Protection Devices

In simple words, a surge protection device is a small device or appliance that will protect most of your indoor electrical devices from dangerous voltage spikes in alternating current or AC circuits.

They come in varieties of single-pole to as many as four poles or circuits. They are typically small in size and will not take up too much space. They fit nicely into your electrical circuit board so that it has primary contact with all of the electrical appliances that you might be using on a day-to-day basis in your home.

When Lightning Strikes, They Become Your Lightning Protector

They are also called lightning protectors as they protect your home from bursting into a ball of flames every time lightning strikes dangerously close to or directly into your home.

It is important to have one of these devices installed into your house as lightning can easily burn through insulation and melt electrical wiring as well as cause imploding spikes inside your circuit board, causing total system meltdown, electrically speaking. Instead, the lightning protective device will divert any, and all lightning surges towards the earth and leave your home and your electrical devices free of damage.

Types of Power Surge Protectors

The types of power surge protectors that exist vary into two basic types - Primary and Secondary

Primary protectors are the types that are installed wherever power lines are fitted inside the building. These are the types that are fitted into domestic circuit boards and sometimes even on power line poles themselves. They are small and contain a tiny wire installed into the device that functions as the main circuit breaker whenever there might be a power surge.

Secondary protectors are those that you already use inside your house in the form of power strips. They are typically plugged into any electrical outlet and will cut the power off immediately to all devices when there is a power surge.

Surge Protectors and Their Other Names

Other names for this nifty little device called surge protectors include:

  • --> Surge diverter

  • --> SPD

  • --> Transient voltage surge suppressor or TVSS

  • --> Surge suppressor

  • --> Surge and spike protector, etc.

They will come in all shapes, weights, sizes, and designs depending on what you require, and also depends on whether you are searching for a primary or secondary type of these devices.

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Surge Protection Devices - Price Range

Surge Protection DevicesMin PriceMax Price
Mersen Surge Protection Devices₹1322₹2367
Eaton Surge Protection Devices₹1591₹16816
L&T Surge Protection Devices₹2303₹17615
Havells Surge Protection Devices₹1513₹11281
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