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Miniature Circuit Breaker or MCB is an automatic switch that opens and recloses according to the current flowing through the circuit. This electromagnetic device is enclosed in an insulating material. It is majorly used as an alternative to a fuse switch in residential and industrial circuits to save you from the danger of current overload. Short circuits and overloads even occur due to natural calamities such as lightning strikes, earthquakes or flood disasters. Even the number of electrical devices installed at home or industrial space contributes to this problem. This makes it essential for everyone to have MCB and ensure safety from electric current. MCBs protect cables and wire in the electric system form getting damaged due to a sudden overload of current.

Types of MCB

MCBs are of different types. They come with two poles, three poles, or four poles structures according to the fault current levels. Some of these have the feature to adjust their tripping current capacity. MCB can be a closed circuit-breaker or circuit breaker. In the former case, it can electrically disconnect or reconnect with adequate signals, while the latter one requires manual disconnection or short-circuit tripping. In addition to the pole structure, MCBs are categorized on voltage and type such as AC, B, C, DC, etc. according to their minimum trip current capacity.

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We are living in a world largely dependent on electricity. Understanding the protection required from ever running electric current offers a range of MCBs at a reasonable price from trusted brands such as ABB, Anchor, Bentex, Crabtree, Finolex, Havells, L&T and more. The circuit breakers are categorized on the basis of current rating, curve, type, pole, and voltage. In addition to MCBs, we also have a wide collection of other circuit breakers and fuses such as RCBO, MPCB, Isolators, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about MCB

What is the difference between 1 pole mcb and 3 poles mcb?

1 pole MCB controls single-phase power. Whereas a 3 pole MCB is used in a three-phase electrical system.

What is the difference between MCB and MCCB?

MCBs are widely used for low energy requirements like for domestic purposes where there is low circuit current. On the other hand, a MCCB is used for a heavy current circuit for places like large industries where there are high energy requirements.