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Reamers for Easy and Fine Finish

Reamers are circular-shaped cutting tools that are used in narrow drilled holes to widen it to the desired diameter with precision and smoothen the roughness when forming them into true circles. These are tools that are chosen based on the hole's precision. These tools cannot be used to make a hole but can only be used to widen the diameter of the existing hole. These tools come with longitudinal flutes or grooves.

Different Types of Reamers available Online

There are mainly two types of reamers that are widely used. One is a mechanic, drill, or chucking tool and the other one is a hand tool. There are various reamer tools like hand, drill, shell, jobbers, chucking straight fluted, stub screw-machine, diemaker’s, taper pin, structural, and many more that serve unique purposes.

They range from those used to cut holes in aircraft parts to those used to make musical instruments in toughness and scale. They are made of high-speed steel or coated high-speed steel, carbide or coated carbide, and their styles differ depending on the material of the parts to be machined, the machining process (manual or machine tool), and the cutting fluid form.

Hand Reamers for Small and Easy Drilling

Hand reamers are operated manually or by hand. There is a tap wrench fitted in the sequence of the reamer. You need to place it perfectly by ensuring that the material you wish to drill and widen the hole is kept in a place where it will not move when you rotate the wrench to make a clean drill. The material needs to be in one place so that the drilling of the hole comes clean and straight without any cross-movement.

Drill Reamers for Harder and More Precise Work

Mechanical or drill reamers are most commonly used to get the finesse and perfect finish without any hassle. These are just like drill bits. However, true drill bits leave more residue compared to reamer drill bits. Thus, this keeps the workplace much cleaner and tidy. These reamers are for professional use, which needs to drill through harder metals, and manual reaming is too tedious. Therefore, this is highly useful as it saves time, energy and, drill through any material, and leaves smooth edges.

Vital Aspect to Know about Reamers

  • --> The reamer or component is advanced slowly, and if the swarf clogs the flutes, the tool is slowly withdrawn without rotating in the opposite direction.

  • --> You need to always remember that this tool can be drilled only in one direction, and no reverse rotation is to be made.

  • --> These tools should not be used when they go blunt.

  • --> You need to first check the diameter of the hole and use the appropriate tool with steady hands.

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Reamers - Price Range

ReamersMin PriceMax Price
Addison Reamers₹523₹44747
Samrat Reamers₹197₹4210
Miranda Reamers₹585₹21756
Indian Tools Reamers₹540₹46040
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