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Use Garbage Cans to Keep the Environment Clean

A dustbin is also known as a trash can, or garbage can. It is a container that stores your garbage. Whether you are at home, school, or any other place, trash is common. In most of the cases, germs and bacteria thrive in the places full of garbage, so, you need garbage cans that will store them well.

How Important it is to Buy Dustbin?

Buying garbage cans is very important in many aspects.

  • It helps to keep the environment clean.

  • It reduces the cases of diseases like typhoid and cholera caused by poor disposal of garbage.

  • Your house/office remains clean and neat if all are using garbage cans.

Buy Dustbin Online from Moglix at an Affordable Price Range

Do you want to buy different designs of dustbins online? Your search will be stopped at Moglix. We have garbage cans especially designed for different kinds of waste. The dustbins available online at Moglix are of the best quality materials which can be used anywhere either it is your home, office or anywhere outside.

Stainless Steel Perforated Open Dustbin - These garbage cans are ideal for disposal of waste papers, documents, disposable items, carry bags, etc. These types of dustbins are commonly used in offices, personal cabins, ATMs, hospitals, and in many other places. These trash cans have a rubber base that provides it extra resistance from unnecessary shifting.

Stainless Steel Swing Trash Cans - These dustbins can be used for disposing of any type of garbage. It has a cover that has a swing so that trash could be thrown easily. These garbage cans can be used anywhere but are mostly seen in washrooms, hospitals, offices, etc..

Stainless Steel Pedal Bin - These dustbins have a lid and a pedal at the bottom. You can throw the trash by just pushing the pedal down. this type of dustbin is commonly seen in kitchens and washrooms.

Plastic Industrial Wheel Dustbin - These dustbins are mostly used in public places. It can be used to dump food waste and garden waste. In many places, these garbage cans are segregated to dump organic and plastic wastes separately by the color of the dustbin.

Shop for The Best brands of Dustbin Online from Moglix

If you are looking for the best quality garbage cans online, you can check our extensive range of dustbins which is available at a reasonable price and you can buy some of the best brands.

Aura Trash Cans - Aura is a known brand in Dustbins manufacturing. They manufacture plastic dustbin. They mainly manufacture industrial dustbins which are used in outdoor space.

SBS Dustbin - They are one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel dustbins. The dustbins SBS are available in a great variety ranging from perforated open dustbins to pedal or swing dustbins. Their trash cans are elegant in design and are available at the most reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dustbin

What are the three types of dustbin?

Segregated waste is now dumped in specific dustbins of the colours green, blue, and yellow. The green dustbins are intended for wet and biodegradable trash. Blue bins are intended for the dumping of plastic wrappers and other non-biodegradable debris. Yellow trash cans are for papers and glass bottles.

What is the proper way to use the dustbin?

We should toss the trash in covered bins because if we throw garbage everywhere, various forms of pollution and diseases would occur, so we should throw garbage in covered bins to avoid these problems.

Dustbin - Price Range

DustbinMin PriceMax Price
SBS Dustbin₹226₹8111
Nilkamal Dustbin₹1448₹4999
Aura Sunshine Dustbin₹1399₹37050
Fiable Dustbin₹369₹33040
This data was last updated on 10/4/22.