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Cleaning Equipment

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Trumax Mx0125 Dry Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Capacity: 25 L

47% OFF



  • By: Trumax
Skyline Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, VI1010

42% OFF



  • By: Skyline
Karcher WD 3 EU-I 17L Multi Functional Vacuum Cleaner

27% OFF



  • By: Karcher
Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus Vacuum Cleaner

19% OFF



  • By: Eureka Forbes
Philips PowerGo Dark Royal Blue Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, FC9352/01

23% OFF



  • By: Philips
LG 1600W Blue Vaccum Cleaner, VC53181NNTM

15% OFF



  • By: LG
LG 1600W Red Vaccum Cleaner, VK53181NNTM

15% OFF



  • By: LG
Milwaukee 25 Litre L Class Dust Extractor, AS2-250-ELCP

22% OFF



  • By: Milwaukee
Orbit Volcano-II Red White Vacuum Cleaner

35% OFF



  • By: Orbit
Proskit 8PK-C002 Foam Swabs Cleaning Kit

64% OFF



  • By: Proskit
King 1400W 25 Litre Dry Wet Vacuum Cleaner, KP376

20% OFF



  • By: King
LG 1600W Blue Vaccum Cleaner, VC53181NNT

15% OFF



  • By: LG
Trumax Mx0120 Dry Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Capacity: 20 L

36% OFF



  • By: Trumax
Euroline 800W Vacuum Cleaner, EL 800

53% OFF



  • By: Euroline
Akari 1000W Wet & Dry Vaccum Cleaner, APT-VC-20

46% OFF



  • By: Akari
Eibenstock VC 38 1400W 38 Litre Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

22% OFF



  • By: Eibenstock
Bosch GAS12-25 1350W Professional Wet & Dry Extractor

40% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Prestige TYPHOON 03 800W Handy Vacuum Cleaner, 42653

32% OFF



  • By: Prestige
LG 1600W Red Vaccum Cleaner, VK53181NNTY

15% OFF



  • By: LG
Bosch 1100W Wet/Dry Extractor, GAS 15

40% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+ 1380W Professional Wet & Dry Extractor

40% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Bosch GAS 55 M AFC 1380W Professional Wet & Dry Extractor

40% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Karcher WD 5 EU-I 25L Vacuum Cleaner

30% OFF



  • By: Karcher
Fischer Manual ABG Blow Out Pump, 89300

46% OFF



  • By: Fischer
Philips PowerGo 3L Sporty Red Vacuum Cleaner with Bag, FC8293/01

22% OFF



  • By: Philips
Nido Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner, ND-ICE-WD-AS30

Available on Request

  • By: Nido
Bosch 1900W High Pressure Washer, AQT 40-13

Available on Request

  • By: Bosch
Bosch 18V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, GAS 18V-LI

Available on Request

  • By: Bosch
Unoair Feed Spray Gun, SG-04A

Available on Request

  • By: Unoair
Euro Clean Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner, 230V

Available on Request

  • By: Euro Clean
Sheffield Classic Silver Vacuum Cleaner, SH-8003

Available on Request

  • By: Sheffield Classic
SPEED Glass Cleaning Kit, S1

Available on Request

  • By: SPEED
Ave Green Gun Car Washer

Available on Request

  • By: Ave
AEG 20L Wet and Dry Vacuums Cleaner 1000 W, AP2-200ELCP

Available on Request

  • By: AEG
SPEED Three Brush Floor Scarifying, 525

Available on Request

  • By: SPEED
NSD Assorted Microfiber Duster with Long Aluminium Handle

Available on Request

  • By: NSD
Eureka Forbes ZW-35SS Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Weight: 9 kg

Available on Request

  • By: Eureka Forbes
Astol 80 Liter Vacuum Cleaner, SV-80 3M

Available on Request

  • By: Astol
Panasonic 700W Handy Type Blue Vacuum Cleaner, MC-DL201B

Available on Request

  • By: Panasonic
Karcher WD 1 15L Multipurpose Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Available on Request

  • By: Karcher

The Importance of Cleaning

We all are well aware of the fact that, continuously putting things away, scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, washing and, polishing is not everybody’s idea of a fun time. Moreover, as dreary as the task of cleaning your house or, office can be, making an effort to keep things clean and, tidy holds a crucial importance to maintaining both, mental and, physical health.

Although, in addition to help you keep up your health, cleaning your house or, facility, has other vital advantages too, for instance, cleaning works as a disinfectant, improves the quality of the air, enhances the aesthetics of your home, cleaning has also been associated with deterring stress, a clean surrounding helps in the secretion of “happy” hormones, steering you clear of any stress and, tension. However, if you do not have the resources, or the right cleaning equipment with you, the task might emerge out to be somewhat daunting.

Buy Cleaning Equipment Online on Moglix

Cleaning equipment is essential for the upkeep and maintenance of homes, offices & factories. To ensure their efficient maintenance, Moglix has come up with a new range of industrial cleaning equipment. Our pressure washers are of a vertical type which ensures easy storage. The lightweight compact design of these pressure washers makes them easy to use. They come with a high-pressure hose length of 5m and an inbuilt thermal protector, with a handle for smooth movement. The presence of a rotary ON/OFF switch makes them easy to use.

Choose from the Widest Range of Cleaning Equipment Online

The industrial vacuum cleaners that we offer are effective in scarification and, have been specifically designed to remove thick layers of grease, oil, dirt and rubber from all types of industrial floors. They come with a 10-year warranty on tank. To meet expected quality standards, Moglix has sourced cleaning equipment from famous brands such as Bosch, Santoni, Inventa and Eureka. We also offer floor sweepers, caution indicators, buffing & cleaning pads, mops and squeegees as a part of this category. To acquire the latest range of cleaning equipment at affordable prices, check the new collection available at Moglix.