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We all understand the value of clean, fresh air. Pollutants in the environment have contaminated the air due to ongoing development, urbanization, and industrialization. Furthermore, during pandemics, having germ-free, virus-free air and oxygen has proven to be expensive commodities. VENUS has taken care of this air pollutant and given us safety gear like weapons to protect ourselves and our loved ones against the deadly contaminants.

Venus is one of the leading safety brands which specializes in Personal Protective Equipment. Personal Protective Equipment is a specialized kind of safety equipment that acts as the first line of defense against any safety hazard. For example, we've seen people wearing nose masks to protect themselves from air pollutants, or we've seen people wearing earplugs at construction sites where there's a lot of noise.

Since 1986, VENUS has been a pioneer in "Neck Up PPE" and has been servicing the demands of the people. Before being released into the market, the product created on its premises is subjected to extensive quality testing. Its facility has been accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and complies with several American and European standards, including 42 CFR Part 84, EN 149, EN 140, EN 143, and others.

Below is the list of products in safety gears that the brand is offering:

Venus Respiratory Masks and their Features:

Due to the threat of a recent pandemic and excessive air pollution caused by traffic, industrialization, and urbanization, they are currently one of the most important commodities. A significant number of people are affected by respiratory illnesses, and these masks serve as the first line of protection. Depending on your needs, you have a variety of options to pick from. The following are the product's key features:

  • They are non-allergic and have soft adjustable straps.

  • They have the option of having a dual filter for efficient filtering of air.

  • They have an ergonomic design and facilitate all facial movements.

  • Where inorganic gases, acid, or even vapors are handled, masks with filters are ideal for providing overall protection to the individual.

  • You can even choose a “dusk type” mask for routine usage, which safeguards the user from dust and germs.

  • There are wide varieties to choose from, such as dust safety masks, dual filter half masks, nose safety masks, etc.

Venus Ear Protectors and their Features:

They are one of the most effective ways to protect your ears from noise pollution. Due to high-pitched noises on the roadways caused by autos, even traffic cops now utilise them. They are also required in settings where operators must tolerate high decibel sounds generated by machinery. The following are the product's key features:

  • They are efficient in noise reduction, and the simplest earplug has a reduction rating of 32 decibels.

  • They have an ergonomic design and fit the ear properly.

  • They are available in-ear muff type for extra comfort, having a noise reduction rating of 23 decibels.

  • Their earplugs are economical as they are washable and reusable.

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