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USHA – A Integral Part of the Siddharth Shriram Group

Established in 1934, Usha International Ltd has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of electrical appliances over decade now. Usha undertakes immense research and demand studies to manufacture products which are in sync with the varied needs of the customers. When you browse through the Usha catalogue on Moglix, you’ll be presented with an exquisite range of fans, home and kitchen appliances, water pumps, sewing machines, & room heaters among other products.

Usha Fans – Superior Performance Guaranteed

Usha makes ceiling fans in various designs and vibrant colours for revamping your house decor. Usha uses the latest technology to manufacture fans that meet the quality standards worldwide. Usha incorporates the fundamentals of aerodynamics with a mix of unique aesthetics to bring to its customers the most efficient fans in the market.

The Usha fans come with a superior grade electric steel lamination that provides a long and a durable life. The fan operates on a power of 80 watts and is extremely power efficient. The lacquer metallic paint of the fan provides better aesthetics and is beautifully crafted for the modern look of your homes. The fans are safe and have no installation hassles.

Usha Pumps – The Best Domestic Water Pumps Manufacturer

The compact and powerful Usha water pumps have many domestic and commercial applications. The Usha water pumps are equipped with high suction capacity to ensure smooth water supply to the overhead tanks in buildings, hotels and restaurants. They can also be used as sprinklers and booster systems in residential properties. All the Usha pumps have an inbuilt thermal overload protector and a high suction capacity for greater efficiency.

Usha Drinking Water Solutions – Purity is Priority

Usha company might seems new in manufacturing of water treatment appliances, but its instafresh water dispenser and water coolers are sleek and packed with remarkable features – cooling cabinet & hot-cold water selection.

Usha Fan Room Heater – Effective and Warm

These Usha fan room heaters come with automatic oscillation and a light power indicator. These heaters are highly energy efficient and help you cut down on your electricity bills. The adjustable thermostat of the heaters are really comes in handy while in use.

Usha Home Appliances – Fabric Care, Water Heating & Climate Control

Usha has been a frontrunner in manufacturing and distribution of helpful and common home appliances including steam irons, geysers and instant water heaters, room coolers & fan heaters. Usha fabric care products have innovative design and gives perfect ironing for any type of textile cloth. Air coolers from Usha are fashionable, powerful and user-friendly.