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Reasons to Opt for TP-Link Routers and Network Devices

We visit hundreds and thousands of websites every day. We surf the waves of the internet but forget about one thing, our routers and network devices. It is not usually the service provider that causes us to be unhappy with our internet connection. Sometimes, latency, security concerns, and sluggish data transmission speeds are all caused by low-quality routers. This problem can be solved by replacing your low-grade router with TP-Link's quality in-budget routers and network equipment. Routers are responsible for keeping you safe and encrypted from threats and hackers, not just for network connectivity and web services. Setting a password is a common practice, and although it does keep you safe, TP-Link's exclusive technology protects you from malware and 'phishing' scams that attempt to steal your personal information and destroy your data. Here we will show you how to pick the best network devices, how to connect quickly, and how to keep your router's connectivity safe from hackers and malware.

Methods to choose from TP-Link's Wide Range of Access Point Routers and Network Switch:

To get the most bang for your buck, first, you need to understand your requirements. You can't just randomly pick any device and expect to get the maximum out of it. Consider these following steps to choose the best value for money devices.

  • --> Look for the best hardware: When we are looking for a laptop, computer, or smartphone, we do a lot of research on the features and hardware. Many people are unaware that routers have processors and RAM. At the very least, it should feature a dual-core processor and 128 megabytes of RAM.

  • --> At the very least, your routers should be dual-band (if you just use it for wired connectivity, then a single band would work just fine). If you extend your budget a little more, you can find triband (or 3 bands) Wi-Fi routers.

  • --> Wi-Fi standards should be regarded seriously; IEEE standards Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5, and Wi-Fi 6 enable maximum speeds of 600Mbps, 3.5Gbps, and 9.6Gbps, respectively. In terms of futureproofing, the most recent generation should be your first pick.

  • --> Check for wired or wireless download and upload speeds, and compare multiple routers by connecting to the same network switch. We're now ready to determine the maximum router bandwidth.

  • --> The maximum quantity of data transmitted in a given length of time is known as bandwidth. You'll need a larger bandwidth router if you have several devices and family members. Although internet speed and router bandwidth are sometimes confused, internet speed is what you choose from an internet service provider, whereas bandwidth is what the router can do.

  • --> A router should come with a well-designed app that you can use from anywhere in the world. Even though it's a pricey function, it comes in handy a certain number of times.

  • --> Useful ports are frequently overlooked yet crucial characteristics. You must look for USB 3.0 or type C ports in 2021.

  • -->Advanced features such as VPN, antivirus, parental control, and firewall are crucial, but you should also examine the hardware compatibility of your access point router.

Quick Tips to Set-Up and Power-Up the Router with a USB Adaptor or Power Bank:

We are all aware of the feeling when we have to set up our first router by ourselves. We will be stressed as we won't know anything about it. But, frankly speaking, it is not much of a task. Let us go through some easy steps.

  • --> Place the routers in a convenient location and power them with a USB adaptor or a Power Bank.

  • --> Connect the wire, inspect the router's LED lights, and put it through its tests with a device.

  • --> Set your router's gateway and pass through WPN IP addresses.

  • --> Reboot the router after connecting the gateway to the WLAN port.

  • --> Set up passwords and usernames with the TP-Link app.

  • --> Set up security and update the router's firmware.

Note different routers have different configurations, but most of them operate similarly.

Wi-Fi is Safer with Few Basic Protection Ideas:

To safeguard your data and yourself, you must follow these steps:

  • --> The most fundamental form of protection is a password, which we should update every few months, whether for a Google account, social media account, or Wi-Fi hotspot. It disconnects it from infrequently used devices and never reuses old passwords. It makes it simple to track and interpret.

  • --> Use VPN: We should always prefer sites that use 'HTTPS connections, but if you want to go a step further, employ a virtual private network (VPN), protecting you from spies and hackers.

  • --> Disable the auto connection feature; we all know it's quick and easy but also dangerous.

  • --> Hidden networks should never be used because they allow anyone to trace your device's radio signal.

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TP-Link not only provides access point routers and network devices but also home security systems and CCTV cameras as well. Millions of users use TP-Link, and the user base is still growing. You can visit the e-stores and choose the router according to your needs by following the tips mentioned above. Hurry up and order now!