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Techtonics Products: A Wide Variety with Superior Quality

Techtonics is a known brand that is working constantly for sufficing the needs of electronics, mechanical and instrumentation products and parts for making new innovation. Their products are helpful for students, engineers, prototypes, and entrepreneurs. They are continuously growing the product range and provide electronic components, robotics parts, sensors, motors, and many other products. Techtonics is a one-stop solution for all electronic needs.

Factors that Make Techtonics a prominent Brand

Techtonics is a company that believes in building creativity to bring innovation and its mission is to provide a common platform to all the people who require electronic components, modules, etc. They believe in 100% customer satisfaction and provide fast and reliable services across the globe. They offer a wide range of products of the best quality. Their research department has a lot of knowledge base and does complete research before introducing any new product.

Popular Techtonics Products Available on Moglix

Lead Acid Batteries

These batteries are normally used for robots. Wired or wireless robots run for a long time with high speed with this type of battery. These batteries deliver the full rated capacity at an affordable price.

DC Motors

DC motors are mainly used in tools, robotics applications, toys, and appliances. These are rotatory electrical machines that convert direct current into mechanical energy. These motors are very easy to use and are available in a standard size.

Photoelectric Sensor

The photoelectric sensor has transmitter and receiver both. It also has adjustable detection distance and visible light interface. These sensors are easy to use and are ideal for panel mounting. These photoelectric sensors are mainly used in robot smart cars.

Board Module

Board modules are equipped with a high current relay. These have a standard interface that can be controlled by a microcontroller. It requires a driver voltage to run. These board modules are mainly used to provide electrical isolation between two circuits.

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